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If I give you some water... which is not something I'm supposed to do. Will you do something for me? Something you're not supposed to do? Will you? Tell me how thirsty you are.
~ David to Sasha before attempting to rape her.

David is a minor antagonist in The Walking Dead series, he is a member of the Saviors who served under Negan's rule and helped in raiding other survivor settlements. He is killed by Negan after attempting to rape Sasha (in the TV series), and Holly (in the comics).

He was portrayed by Martinez in the TV series.

Biography (TV)


Nothing is known about David's life before the apocalypse, it is known however that he met and joined with the Saviors, a group of thugs working underneath their charismatic and totalitarian leader Negan.


David is amongst the Saviors who are sent to raid Alexandria for supplies, weapons and furniture. He is encountered by Carl who threatens them for taking medicine. The situation is soon settled by Negan, and he gets the boy to stand down. David also taunts Enid saying that he wouldn't give her balloons back until she said "please". Later that day, David smirks as Negan gives Rick his final taunts before departing with his men and Daryl.

Hearts Still Beating

David is stationed at the front gate with Gary, Laura and other Saviors. He laughs at Eugene and responds alongside the other Saviors that their leader is called Negan. He is later present when Negan kills Dr. Carson after the latter is believed to have freed Daryl. That night, David helps capture Sasha when she infiltrates the compound to kill Negan.

Something They Need

In this episode, David visits Sasha's cell and introduces himself. When Sasha asks for some water, David proceeds to sexually harass her and asks if Sasha will engage in sex with him if the Savior brought her some water. Sasha responds by headbutting David and he takes that as a challenge and proceeds to undo his belt, saying that struggling will only make it last longer. He is interrupted by Negan however, who questions him but is fully aware of his rape attempt and deems this as unacceptable behaviour. Negan takes out his knife and David apologises in fear, Negan's smile slowly fades in disgust and he stabs David in the neck as punishment, killing him instantly. Negan then leaves the knife for Sasha to either slit her wrists or kill David after he reanimates, which she does the latter.

David's death introduces Negan's strong hatred for sexual violence and his murderous intolerance towards anyone who attempts anything of the sort.


  • Negan's response to David's attempted rape had differed in the Comics and TV show. In the comics, Negan was absolutely furious and yelled at the top of his voice before killing him with his knife. While in the TV show, Negan kept mostly calm and sadistically intimidated David before stabbing him out of disgust.
  • While there have been many Davids in the comic series, Robert Kirkman rightly stated that it is unrealistic for random people to meet and never encounter the same names.