A righteous man before me stands. A hero in these filthy lands. A brother in arms in heart are you. I was really hoping you get it too.
~ One of Fisk's poems, left at the scene of a murder

David Fisk, also known as Rooster, is the main antagonist of 2008 film, Righteous Kill.

He is portrayed by Al Pacino, who also portrayed Michael Corleone in the Godfather trilogy, Tony Montana in Scarface, Big Boy in Dick Tracy, Richard III in Looking for Richard, Willy Bank in Ocean's Thirteen, Shylock in Merchant of Venice, Roy Cohn in Angels in America, and Wilhelm Zuchs in Hunters.


An officer for the New York Police Department, he is partnered with Tom Cowan, aka Turk, into investigating the killings committed by a vigilante known as Poetry Boy. He killed Spider, the latest victim, and dropped his diary for his partner to read it.

It is revealed that Rooster is the actual Poetry Boy, and he had plotted to frame Turk for the murders. He did this because he lost his faith in justice when he learned that his partner planted a gun at the house of acquitted child molester and murderer Charles Randall, which led to his conviction. This turn of events caused Rooster to become a vigilante serial killer, targeting criminals who get away with murder (as well as the priest who molested him as a child).

During his murder spree, Rooster decides to "go for the unforgivable", and rapes Turk's girlfriend.

When Turk finishes reading Rooster's journal, he chased him through a construction site where Rooster is trying to commit suicide-by-cop by firing at his partner aimlessly to get him to shoot him in return. After relenting, Turk does shoot Rooster in the chest. Turk tries to call an ambulance, but Rooster begs him to call it off and let him die. Turk reluctantly agrees, and his partner dies.

Fhd008RTK Al Pacino 028

Rooster's death.

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