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David Hagan is the main antagonist of 2012 action movie Fire With Fire.

He is portrayed by Vincent D'Onofrio, who also played Private Gomer Pyle in Full Metal Jacket, Edgar the Bug in Men in Black, Lester Clark in Escape Plan, Bob Fittler in Chained, Carl Rudolph Stargher in The Cell, Commander Vic Hoskins in Jurassic World, and Wilson Fisk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Hagan is a sociopath and a stone-cold killer as stated by Mike Cella. Hagan first kills a convenient store owner and his son in front of Jeremy Coleman, due to the refusal of selling his store to Hagan.

Hagan is arrested and identified during an ID Parade, led by Mike Cella (whom also had a partner and wife who where victims of David Hagan). David Hagan however is bailed and Jeremy is compelled to alter his identity for being the two-way mirror. After attending the conclave on the witness protection and altering his surnames to Douglas, Jeremy heads to New Orleans for a new life. Tragically, his life goes askew with the new hecticness and intricate life details. Although, he does meet a woman named Talia whom he falls in love with and practices gunmanship with. Talia advises Jeremy with details that could help him excel in the subject.

Talia and Jeremy's relationship is interfered when two assassins working for Hagan, assault them at the car park by the hotel, they were staying at. Talia is wounded badly but her lacerations are cured in time, after Jeremy escapes the area and gives her the remedy and gauzes. Hagan calls Jeremy that night and threatens to murder everyone he loves if he refuses to turn himself in. Jeremy however, denies it and vows to exact revenge on David, to which David nullifies by saying Jeremy won't prevail.

After a long conflict of tracking and witnessing the aftermaths of black people beaten the death, Coleman eventually discovers Hagan's meeting spot, but he is told by Talia to cease the idea of attempting to stop Hagan and his henchmen. Coleman however, locks Talis in the bathroom and rushes to the derelict building where the conspiracy was ongoing. Jeremy with his firefighting knowledge pours lightening fluid around the place and ignites it, torching the building, killing everyone excluding Hagan and Talia (whom had been abducted by Hagan's hitmen).

After he discovers Talia was in the ablazing building, Coleman rushes into the building and rescues her but is confronted by Hagan. Hagan beats Coleman verbally, but eventually throws an axe in Hagan's chest. As a suffering Hagan staggers back Talia picks up a gun and shoots a trigger which engulfs Hagan with flames as he falls out the top floor to his death.

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