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You can't unf-ck what's been f-cked.
~ David Percival
I f*cking love Berlin!
~ David Percival before being shot.

David Percival (also known as Conrad Satchel) is the secondary antagonist in the 2017 thriller/action film, Atomic Blonde.

He is portrayed by James McAvoy, who is known for portraying Professor Charles Xavier, and also played Kevin Wendell Crumb in Split.


Pervical was eccentric agent who had lavish lifestyle in Berlin who had shady deals with Yuri Bakhtin and Aleksander Bremovych, who become escorts to MI6 agent, Lorraine Broughton who came Berlin who demand find out person who murdered James Gasciogne whom she had a relationship with before finding out about the list of Double agents who were selling secrets to government.

Pervical met Spyglass, a former Eastern spy, who was defected to West, who feared his life. Aleksander Bremovych, KGB officer and arms dealer who intended to find the list. As Lorraine and French operative named Delphine Lasalle, who put a monitor on her, become lovers, after Percival killed Yuri, who intended to sell the list to a higher bender and he also murdered Spyglass while he escaped from Bremoych's wrath despite Lorraine's best efforts to save him. He then heads to Lasalle's apartment, after Lasalle got in touch with him after discovering his true intentions. Lasalle knew that Percival was associating with Gasciogne.

Percival sneaks into the apartment and tries to strangle Lasalle to death with a garrote. Lasalle tries to escape, but is strangled to death by him. When Lorraine arrives to the apartment too late and finds Delphine's body, she decides to go after Percival. Lorraine finally confronts Percival, after he burned down his safehouse, and then shoots him. Percival then declares his love for Berlin, followed by Lorraine shooting Percival in the head.


  • Split and Atomic Blonde, both of which James McAvoy starred in, came out in 2017.
  • Despite being the secondary antagonist, Percival drove the plot of film because did more of the work and was more dangerous as Bremovych.