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I'll kill him!
~ David Platt's threat against his enemies whenever they cross him or his family.

David Platt is a fictional character and one of the central protagonists in the British soap opera Coronation Street.

He is the son of Gail McIntyre and Martin Platt, the younger half brother of Nick Tilsley and Sarah-Louise Platt, grandson of Audrey, the husband of Kylie, the uncle of Bethany, the father of Lily and stepfather to Max. He has committed despicable deeds in his life and frequently appeared as a protagonist villain in the show from the mid to late-2000s, in which he would torment his mother Gail. However, the character began to tone down and mature - although now and again he would still cause trouble on many occasions.

He has been portrayed by Jack P. Shepherd since 2000.


After initially serving as a minor character throughout the 1990s, David later became a major figure ever since Jack P. Shepherd first played the character in 26th April 2000.

David proceeded to become a central character in 2000-2005 before becoming an anti-hero in the years 2006 and 2009, the show's protagonist villain in between 2007-2008, an anti-villain in between 2010-2013, and one of the show's central protagonists in between 2014-2019 as well as from 2020-2021 onwards.

Anti-Heroic Storylines

Despite his roles as an antagonist and anti-villain due to the character's involvement in many despicable deeds, a lot of them are somewhat understandable due to the tragic life he has suffered. This includes nearly being killed by his stepfather Richard Hillman, finding out that his wife Kylie cheated on him with his brother Nick, feuding with Kylie's ex-boyfriend Callum Logan when he tries to wreck their marriage and assume custody his stepson Max off him, struggling to cope with Kylie's murder that leaves him becoming a widowed single dad, attempting suicide whilst also trying to kill Kylie's murderer Clayton Hibbs along with the latter's half-brother Macca Hibbs, being raped by his friend Josh Tucker which he had trouble keep to himself as the ordeal had left him mentally traumatized, striving to help his second wife Shona Ramsay recoup her memories after she had been shot, and nearly being evicted from his family home by sleazy businessman Ray Crosby.


David Platt was born in Weatherfield Manchester on Christmas Day 1990 to Gail and Martin, and is the youngest of Gail's children. He seemed fine in his younger years, but in March 2003 he was kidnapped along with his mother, sister Sarah and niece Bethany by former stepfather and serial killer Richard Hillman, who drove them into a canal. David along with his family survived the incident and Richard perished, but the terrible memories where ingrained into his mind and would lead him down a dark path.

When Martin left for Newcastle in late 2005, David's villainous streak came to light. In early 2006 he began sending his family cards signed by Richard, mostly at special occasions like his sister's birthday and on Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. He was eventually caught out for it, but Gail decided to let him off due to all he had been through. Later that year, on Christmas, David revealed to the whole family at dinner that Gail wanted to abort him - he gathered the information from Gail's deceased sworn enemy and mother-in-law Ivy Brennan. He also revealed that his grandmother Audrey Roberts had an affair with her friend Bill Webster. In April 2007, he lied at the trial of Tracy Barlow after she killed her ex-boyfriend Charlie Stubbs - fabricating that he was present and that Charlie had attacked her. However, he was sussed out and exposed as a liar. That year, David set fire to his exam results and got expelled from school.

In Late 2007, he kept ecstasy tablets for a friend, in which Bethany later swallowed and was critical in hospital. Having enough,, his mother threw him out, but David won her back when he staged an attempted suicide by driving into the same canal Richard tried to kill him in.

In early 2008, he met his first girlfriend Tina and seemed to be settling down. But when his mother got Tina to have an abortion behind his back, David flipped and pushed her down a flight of stairs. She recovered, but David felt guilt and wanted punished so vandalised the street and was sent to a young offenders for a few months.

David continued misdeeds throughout 2009, as well as forming a rivalry with his sworn enemy Gary Windass. However, in 2010, after Gail's third husband Joe had died and she was accused of killing him despite the fact that it was mostly the cause of Joe's issue with loan shark Rick Neelan that led to his death, David worked hard to make sure she was proven innocent - even visiting the place where it happened. In the end, Gail was found not guilty and allowed to return home.

By then, David has appeared tone down his villainous ways. He later married Kylie Granger in 2011 and became a father figure to her son Max from 2012 onwards. However, he returned again to his dastardly ways in 2013 when he discovered Kylie had an affair with his older half brother Nick Tilsley and indirectly caused Nick's car to crash leaving him in a coma for a few weeks.

David and Kylie later have a daughter together named Lily. However, David was banished from the household when it was discovered he tried to "kill" his brother. By the end of 2013, though, he was eventually forgiven and reconciled with Kylie and made up with Nick.

In late 2014, David came into conflict with Kylie's ex-boyfriend and Max's biological father Callum Logan. This began when Kylie starting getting herself reacquainted with Callum as her way of getting drugs to cope with the stress of her everyday life. Although David was willing to kill Kylie another chance, Callum came calling trying to give her drugs and David threw her out on Christmas Day - thus causing her to leave the street with Callum.

After the New Year, David became concerned for her whereabouts when she didn't turn up to an appointment for Max. He began calling round to Callum's hangout, the Dog & Gun pub, but Callum said she disappeared a couple of days after moving in with him. David later got into a feud with Callum when he wanted to see Max and started showing up on the street.

Later in 2015, Kylie killed Callum after he tried to attack Sarah - who along with Bethany had returned back to the street months ago. David and Kylie put Callum's body under the floorboards of Gail's annex. However in May 2016, Tyrone Dobbs crashed his lorry into the annex and the body was discovered. Though temporary arrested, David and Kylie were cleared of Callum's murder and the blame was put on Jason's late father Tony Stewart. This led to Jason's brother Todd Grimshaw confronting David about his actions.

Soon enough, David and Kylie planned to start anew by moving to Barbados with the children. However, this plan doesn't come to be as Kylie ends up getting stabbed whilst protecting her friend Gemma Winter from Callum's old associate Clayton Hibbs. Despite calling an ambulance on his wife's dying behalf, David is left devastated as Kylie dies in his arms after succumbing to her injuries whilst all he could do is watch. Kylie is later pronounced dead and David is forced to tell Max and Lily that their mother had died.

On the day after Kylie's death, David spots Clayton threatening Gemma again and learns that he killed Kylie. Thereupon Clayton flees and David starts chasing him around the street with a steel pipe. He prepares to bludgeon Clayton with the pipe to avenge Kylie, but Clayton is able to escape when Max walks in on the incident. Sometime later, David, Gail and Audrey hear that Clayton has been charged with Kylie's murder after Bethany's friend Craig Tinker and Gemma herself give their statements to the police.

Following Clayton's arrest, David's sanity began to deteriorate which was shown by David refusing to bin Kylies blood stained hoodie. He soon becomes increasingly hostile and neglectful to his family, as well as several others. At one point he does help Bethany out with her school bullying situation by threatening her bully Lauren, although her father would later attack David over this. Despite the police being called in to his beating, David was growing more obsessed with getting revenge on Callum and his half-brother Macca over Kylie's death. He later started to publicly expose Clayton's involvement in Kylie's murder by writing online comments and hiring a person to help him post posters all over the street. Though his plan was successful, David ends up getting arrested for perverting the court of justice as the police clarify that David's actions have endangered the prospects of Clayton's trial; David is soon released from police custody without charge.

After finding out that Macca was attacked by his neighbour and was in coma, David attempted to murder him by strangling him in his hospital bed but was interrupted by a Nurse who came to check on Macca but the nurse didn't see David attack Macca and David was able to walk away without suspicion. Eventually David decided to murder Clayton in a murder-suicide or spree killing, by driving a petrol soaked car into the van Clayton would be in. David started planning his attack and left a farewell video for his children, but Gail discovered the video and convinces Nick and Sarah to trap David in the Bistro so he can't fulfil his plan but David's sanity further deteriorates by telling the death of Kylie and how he's going to kill Clayton in the form of a fairy tale, screaming that he wants to kill Clayton ("let me out of here so I can kill the bastard!") and threatening to commit suicide in order to force Gail to release him.

After tricking Gail into thinking that he committed suicide, David escapes the Bistro, pours petrol over his car and drives off. However, Lily wandered onto the road, causing David to swerve out of the way, but the car stuck a skip, causing the car to flip and land on Gary just moments after the latter rescues Lily from the incident. After been pulled from the car, David and the other residents lift the car up to free Lily and Gary. After Gary is freed, a spark ignites and causes the petrol soaked car to explode. Though everyone makes it to a safe distance, Gary's mother Anna is struck by a fireball from the car. As Anna's boyfriend Kevin Webster and Nick put out the flames, a guilty David looks on in horror at his actions. After Anna is taken to hospital, David is questioned by the police on what had happened - to which David tells them that he was running late for Clayton's trial and had lost control of the car. Eventually, David makes amends with everyone for his actions and is relieved when Clayton is found guilty for Kylie's murder.

By the end of 2016, he comforts both Sarah and Gail when the Windass' archenemy Pat Phelan victimizes them in his reign of terror - by causing the death of Gail's latest husband Michael Rodwell to stop him from exposing his "Calcutta Street" flats scam which both Phelan and his partner-in-crime Vinny Ashford used to defraud money from Sarah alongside both Rita and fellow neighbour Yasmeen Nazir. Eventually, Phelan would later be killed by Anna when his crimes involving Michael's death and the murders of his surrogate son Andy Carver and best-friend Luke Britton as well as Vinny himself are all exposed.

In 2017, David gets himself acquainted with a woman named Shona Ramsey. They get along until David learns that Shona is Clayton's mother. However, he grows to love her and they have a relationship. During that time they work together in helping Bethany overcome her grooming ordeal committed by Shona's ex-boyfriend Nathan Curtis, along with his fellow associates Neil Clifton and Ian Yardley respectively. That same year, David and Shona find themselves dealing against Clayton's boyfriend Dane when the latter bothers them before later telling both Max and Lily the truth about how Kylie died. But the children nevertheless stick up for Shona, with Max stating that it is not her fault for what Clayton did to Kylie and urging David to continue being with Shona as they all like her altogether.

In 2018, David becomes friends with new mechanic Josh Tucker. Things go well between them until March that year sees the pair going for a night out, wherein Josh spikes David's drink before taking him bad to his flat. Josh then proceeds to rape David once his ulterior motives gradually come to light. Afterwards, he is left embarrassed and starts lashing at everyone which worries his family. He takes part in a boxing match that Josh has organized and is pitted against Gary. During the match, Josh - who is the hosting referee in the match - taunts David about what happened between then which causes David to have a flashback resulting in him ruthlessly attacking Gary. This results in David getting arrested and being released on bail, though his credibility becomes damaged. However, when he finds out that local resident Aldan Connor had committed suicide in traumatic circumstances, he finally reveals to Shona about his rape because he did not want to end up like Aidan. The next day, he is arrested for missing his court hearing and jailed until a new date is rescheduled. David is eventually acquitted for his attack on Gary and they make amends. Soon afterwards, David will steadily overcome his ordeal with Josh and would eventually learn in 2019 that the latter has been arrested for raping him; Josh would later be found guilty and sentenced to life imprisoned by 2020.

As such, David gets involved with other family matters such as dealing with Audrey's con-artist lover Lewis Archer. Later on his garden has a sinkhole that is caused by sleazy businessman Ray Crosby as the latter and Kevin's sister Debbie Webster plan to assume control of all of Weatherfield. Ray's plan comes to fruition on the night Yasmeen's abusive husband Geoff Metcalfe dies and David's neighbour Adam Barlow gets attacked by Gary's sister Faye, who had moments ago been raped by Ray in the restaurant. In 2021, David and several residents initially lose their homes to Ray until he is eventually imprisoned for his illcit activities and Faye's rape thanks to the efforts of both Ray's former girlfriend Abi Franklin and longtime resident Roy Cropper.


  • David is a fan of ITV2 comedy panel show Celebrity Juice, as in one episode he is seen wearing a t-shirt that's says "Sha'ting" which is a catchphrase of the show's host Keith Lemon.
  • Jack P. Shepherd, who plays David, won the Villain of the Year Award at the British Soap Awards in 2008.
    • Jack P. Shepherd also won Actor of the Year in the 2018 British Soap Awards for portraying the aftermath that being raped had on David.