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David Thorpe is an antagonist in Fallout 76. He served as the supreme leader of the Appalachian Raiders and leader of one of the five groups that lived in Appalachia at the time, the Cutthroats.


In the first years since the Great War/World War III, Thorpe, who originally worked at Arktos Pharma, was at the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort with many others who were now trapped there because of the nuclear holocaust. Unable to get help from anywhere outside the region, Thorpe had those survivors with him become the first members of the Raiders, dividing the group into five different branches, those being the Cutthroats, Diehards, Blackwater Bandits, Gourmands, and Trappers, each with their own leader, while he served as both Cutthroats leader and overall warlord of all five Raider groups. Five years after the Great War, Thorpe learned that his girlfriend, Rosalyn Jeffries, who had been a comforting influence to him after losing his family to the nuclear war, was captured by the Responders after a botched attack on Charleston on Christmas Eve and presumed killed by them as a warning to him to have his Raiders back off and leave the Responders alone. Infuriated at losing Rosalyn, unaware she was still alive and being held prisoner in Charleston, Thorpe used several mini nukes he had stolen from the Brotherhood of Steel to blow up the Summersville Dam on Christmas Day, unleashing what was later dubbed the Christmas Flood to destroy Charleston and deal the Responders a heavy blow, unknowingly drowning Rosalyn in the process.

Despite forcing the Responders to relocate to Morgantown, where they had better contact with the Brotherhood and Free States to keep the Raiders at bay, Thorpe had other matters to contend with, that being the Order of Mysteries, a group of all-female assassins that have been disrupting his activities for some time now. It was before he lost Rosalyn when he is visited by Olivia Rivers, daughter of founder and Headmistress of the Order, Shannon Rivers, alongside her neighbor and member of the Raiders, Brody Torrance, that Thorpe was offered a deal by Olivia: She had intel on an Order supply run that was coming up. If she can help Brody kill the Mistress, it can serve as a way for her to help Thorpe get back at the Order of Mysteries and then some, such as giving her a position of power in the Raiders that her mother denied her in the Order. Though hesitant about if there's a catch, seeing Olivia's willingness to turn on her own mother and help the Raiders get back at the Order for all the trouble they've caused them recently, Thorpe agrees and Rosalyn assigns a hit squad to Brody to take the Mistress out, but Thorpe warns Brody that if he fails, his head will be substituted for failing to kill the Mistress.

The plan nearly derails when one Raider in Brody's squad attacks the Mistress, Allison Long, prematurely, allowing her to retaliate and take out the whole hit team, but before she can kill Brody, Olivia, not wanting to lose her only chance to get into the Raiders, personally kills Allison, leaving Allison to go to the grave with the only knowledge of Olivia having turned on the Order being buried with her. Brody takes Allison's head back to Thorpe while Olivia, still maintaining loyalty to the Order, returns Allison's body to her mother. Pleased with the success, Thorpe promotes Brody and gives him a larger squad, and Olivia continues to serve as a mole for Thorpe with gathering intel on the Order for his Raiders to use to their advantage, including using a Project Siphon holotape to download the entire Cryptos mainframe from the Order's headquarters to deliver to Thorpe so he has the entire Order playbook at his disposal, allowing his Raiders to ambush Mistresses before they even know what hit them. However, Thorpe began to suspect that Olivia was not going to settle for a decent position in the Raiders under him and, seeing how much she was willing to turn on her own mother for power, decides that he can't risk her doing the same to him with overthrowing him to be the new Raider warlord, so he covertly assigns Brody with the orders to kill Olivia once her mother Shannon and the rest of the Order have been destroyed.

When Olivia's double-cross is discovered, she slaughters the remaining Mistresses, including her own father Frederick, and flees to Seneca Rocks, where Shannon later finds her, leading to a final fight to the death between mother and daughter. Despite all of Shannon's skills and training, Olivia proves the better of the two and mortally wounds her own mother. After Shannon dies, Brody, having witnessed the entire fight, emerges, and revealing his orders from Thorpe to kill Olivia as she had served her purpose and was no longer needed, fatally shoots her, ending the Order of Mysteries for good.

After losing Rosalyn, Thorpe built Rose to serve as her replacement, though he kept many of Rosalyn's memories he downloaded to Rose locked away in a holotape he left at a shrine he made to Rosalyn to remember her by. Soon enough, as Thorpe and his Raiders continued to cause chaos across Appalachia, they soon encountered a new threat: The surviving members of the Enclave, under the leadership of Thomas Eckhart, former Secretary of Agriculture and self-proclaimed President of the United States, had released the Scorchbeasts upon Appalachia in an attempt to lower the DEFCON to 1 and grant Eckhart access to the Appalachian Automated Launch System and the nukes within. Unable to combat the beasts and their ability to turn his own Raiders into loyal minions as Scorched Wildlife, Thorpe soon fell victim to the Scorched Plague himself, while many of his Raiders fled Appalachia or suffered other horrible fates.

In 2102/2103, Thorpe is still wandering around the BBQ Shack near the Top of the World when the residents of Vault 76, under orders from Rose, track him down and give him a merciful death to acquire his key fragment to the supply cache located in the basement of the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort that contained the uplink the residents were looking for to complete quests for both the Responders and Free States.

Even after his death, his power as the Raider warlord remained absolute, so much so that when the New Appalachia Raiders arrived in 2103 to reestablish Raider presence in the region, Rose suggests recovering Thorpe's trophy that Rosalyn made for him as a token to pass over to Meg Groberg, the new warlord, as a sign of transferring power from the old warlord to the new one. Of course, Rose also wanted to recover the holotape with Rosalyn's memories on it to unlock those memory banks Thorpe sealed when he first built her, and recover a holotape of Thorpe from his old workplace at Arktos Pharma that had him use the word "negotiate" on it since he never used the word during his Raider career. After that, she has the Vault 76 residents upload a holotape of Thorpe's voice into the nearby relay tower to get Meg's attention as she would come running back if she heard Thorpe and feared he was going to punish her for running away previously, and when she does show up and learns that Thorpe's dead, she agrees to accept Thorpe's trophy to mark her as the new Raider warlord, and impressed by the Vault 76 residents actions, especially with Rose, Meg decides to extend a hand of friendship to the residents, allowing them a chance to build up reputation with the Raiders and become good friends with them.


Hey Meg! Listen up. I'm David fucking Thorpe. Get your ass over here! Top of the World is where it's at! Mezzanine? It's time to negotiate. OR I WILL KILL EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU!
~ Rose's edited message to Meg Groberg using David's voice


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