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Easiest thing in the world, being a teenager. You get up, you go to school, you come home and you do your homework. How do you mess that up? Yet all of you did, one way or another. And now I have to clean up that mess!
~ David Wheeler, to the children in his camp.

Dr. David Wheeler is the main antagonist of the Batman Beyond episode "The Last Resort".

He is a child psychologist who runs a rehab clinic that supposedly treats teenagers to teach him how to be better and improve their problematic behaviors. However, this clinic is actually nothing more than a front for psychological torture of teenagers, whom Wheeler deprives of sleep and isolates them if they refuse to obey him, even mistreating those teens who are not problematic at all.

He was voiced by the late John Ritter.


In consequence of the new stern parental liability laws, Dr. Wheeler established a clinic that offered desperate parents the solution to handle their rebellious children. In exchange for a considerable sum, he promised the finest long-term treatment for wayward adolescents. However, Dr. Wheeler's methods were far from right. In reality, his therapy consisted of brainwashing techniques, accomplished by sleep deprivation and endless belittlement. He attempted to break his patients' spirits, turning them into drones.

His ranch, located outside Gotham City, worked as a true prisoner camp, with guards armed with enough leverage and artillery to keep the inmates in check. For those who would get out of line, Wheeler confined them in ISO (short for "isolation").

The influx of inmates to the ranch was massive. All kinds of teenagers were admitted to the clinic, from the most rebellious to the mildly disobedient and refractory ones. Upon learning this, Terry McGinnis set off to investigate. When Dr. Wheeler stumbled upon Terry in a restricted area, he found a small camera on him containing incriminating evidence and had him imprisoned, planning to do away with him in case someone came looking for him.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Terry and his old rival Sean, a mutiny ensued and the ranch was shut down. Wheeler was captured by Sean, who dropped him off the roof. However, Batman lunged at him and saved his life. Wheeler was subsequently arrested for his crimes.

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