Vicky Pratt, or known by her stage name as Davida Steelmine, is a character and antagonist from The Mask: The Animated Series.


An illusionist-turned-criminal and an old schoolmate of Stanley, Davida is a highly successful stage magician known for her skill in magic as well as her beauty. She would try to use her skill in illusion to perform criminal acts. Her magic skill while incredible is not actual magic, only smoke and mirrors.

In High school Vicky was the prettiest and most popular girl in school. Prom queen, student president, etc, and object of Stanley Ipkiss's distant affection, though she did say years later that she had an equally big crush on him.

She uses illusions as diversion while she robs the actual places while using an illusion of herself during her magic show to throw off suspicion, though she is capable of creating fireballs to attack with, she commonly escapes through her top hat.

She originally appeared to steal valuables from Edge City but met her old crush Stanley and makes him an offer to leave with her. He refuses and dons The Mask to stop her. After several failed attempts to woo her, The Mask stops her with his own magic tricks and Davida is defeated in the end.

The Mask manages to take her Top Hat escape route after she does an escape trick from Lt. Kellaway's car and dives into her hat. Her original name was Vicky Pratt. She is a parody of magician David Copperfield.


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