Davis is a First Lieutenant and CO in the New Rubinelle Army and a minor antagonist in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. He is a coward known for having "always sided with the winning side".


In the past, Davis was a soldier of the Rubinelle military served under Brenner's command. After the meteor strikes devastated the world, Davis became separated from Brenner's forces and eventually sided with the New Rubinelle Army formed from the remnants of the Rubinelle military.

Davis and his men were cornered by a group of Lazurian Army forces under the command of Tasha, but were soon saved by Brenner and his 12th Battalion. After the Lazurians pulled back, Davis explained to Brenner that the war between Rubinelle and Lazuria had been reignited, and that Admiral Greyfield took command of the Rubinelle forces and reorganized them into the New Rubinelle Army to take the Lazurians on. He proposes that the 12th Battalion join up with the NRA so they can receive food and supplies for the civilians they are protecting. Despite some initial reluctance, Brenner agreed and Davis took him to meet Greyfield.

Greyfield and Brenner soon became hostile towards each other after Greyfield questioned Brenner's devotion to Rubinelle and mocked his commitment to honor and the Rules of War. Davis then spoke up and tried to convince them to work together, saying that they are all Rubinelle and they should work together.

After Brenner's Wolves betray the New Rubinelle Army and free the Lazurian prisoners, Davis was in Greyfield's command room when the Admiral ordered an IDS nuke to be dropped on Brenner. Davis attempted to protest, stating that they had troops in the area that would be killed as well, but stopped after realizing Greyfield wasn't listening.

Davis later appeared in the town of Salvation as Brenner's Wolves were skirmishing with the Fanatic and his cult of the Worm. He frantically shouts "I don't wanna die!" before succumbing to the Creeper virus and perishing.


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