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Dawn Thompson.

Dawn Thompson is one of the secondary antagonists of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. She was the secretary of Terence Wynn at Smith's Grove Sanitarium and a member of the Thorn Cult.

She was portrayed by Hildur Ruriks.


Her first appearance was in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, being asked by Dr. Wynn and Dr. Loomis to give them any information the sanitarium had on Michael Myers, she informed them that the news just reported that they found Jamie Lloyd murdered.

She is not seen again for the rest of the movie, but due to her being a member of the Thorn Cult, it can be assumed that she was later killed by Michael during the operating room massacre.

In an alternate ending, Dawn stands with Mrs. Blankenship while attending the Thorn ceremony. When Tommy intervenes and holds a knife to Wynn's throat, she and Blankenship give angry and worried looks.


  • Although it is never shown in the theatrical version of the movie, Dawn is a member of the Thorn Cult as she was shown to be one in the Producer's Cut version.
  • In the original, when Wynn is showing the power he has over Michael, he uses Dawn as Michael's target to force him to kill as a demonstration of his power.
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