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If Luna can turn into Nightmare Moon, you can absolutely turn into me... Daybreaker! The better, prettier and more powerful version of you!
~ Daybreaker to Celestia.

Daybreaker is a supporting antagonist in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series, appearing as the main antagonist of the Season 7 television episode A Royal Problem, and again in the comic series as the secondary antagonist of the Nightmare Knights saga. She is depicted as the evil alter-ego of Princess Celestia, the same as Nightmare Moon being the alter-ego of Princess Luna.

She is voiced by Nicole Oliver, who also voices her good counterpart and Cheerilee.



Daybreaker appears almost the same as Celestia; a tall alicorn with a white coat. Unlike Celestia, however, both her mane and tail are made of fire, she has yellow eyes with dragon-like pupils and black irises, possesses fangs, and her cutie-mark is surrounded by orange and yellow. She also wears orange armor on her hooves, chest, wings, and head, with her helmet adorned with a red jewel and her chestplate has her cutie-mark on it.


Daybreaker is incredibly vain about both her appearance and abilities, believing herself to be better than Celestia in every way. She also has no qualms about destroying anyone who opposes her, even her own family, and is hell-bent on eliminating Luna so that she can rule alone. All of her maniacal laughing was an obvious sign of insanity.

Powers and Abilities

It's safe to assume that Daybreaker's powers are the same as Celestia's, but according to herself, Daybreaker's power is even greater. She can fly, shoot powerful magic bolts, and produce immense amounts of fire to incinerate her enemies. She was able to overwhelm Nightmare Moon, a powerful alicorn in her own right.


Royal Problem

In the episode, Starlight Glimmer is sent by Twilight's map to the royal palace in Canterlot to solve a friendship problem between Princesses Celestia and Luna, who each believe that their own responsibilities are harder than the other's, and are unintentionally hurting each-other's feelings because of it. To resolve this problem, Starlight uses her magic to switch their cutie-marks, so that they can experience what it's like in each-other's horseshoes. After Luna exhausts herself with Celestia's duties during the day, she retires to her chamber for the evening, and Celestia takes charge of Luna's duties of managing everypony's dreams. Celestia initially believes Luna's job to be easy, but then stumbles upon Starlight's nightmare of being unable to solve the Royal Sisters' friendship problem; upon which, Nightmare Moon appears. Celestia prepares herself to battle Nightmare Moon, but is then stunned to see another evil alicorn similar to herself.

The alicorn reveals herself to be Daybreaker, the dark form of Celestia. Both Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon represent Starlight's fear of her attempt to solve Royal Sister's crisis making it even worse. After goading Celestia into giving into her darker temptations, she then begins her fight with Nightmare Moon. Starlight tries to talk them out of it and Celestia attempts to intervene, but both fail to stop their quarrel. Celestia then brings Luna from her own nightmare of failing her older sister's duties so that they can stop Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon before Starlight's mind is damaged forever, but Luna is unable to help since she has Celestia's magic. After Celestia tearfully admits that Luna's duties are so difficult, Luna admits the same about Celestia's duties. Just then, Daybreaker subdues Nightmare Moon and sets the throne room ablaze. Before she can finish her off, however, Celestia, after being encouraged by Luna, stands in the way of both of their attacks. Daybreaker taunts that Celestia can't bring herself to destroy her since she is everything Celestia wants to be, but Celestia denies this and dispels both her and Nightmare Moon for good.

Luna congratulates Celestia for defeating both of their dark selves, and they reconcile. Starlight's cutie-mark glows, indicating that her mission was complete.


Daybreaker made a brief cameo in the Season 9 premiere, The Beginning of the End - Part 1, when King Sombra shows Twilight and her friends their worst nightmares while confronting him at the Crystal Empire. 


In Legends of Magic Annual 2018, Celestia and Luna are abducted by Pony of Shadows from an alternate dimension, who seeks to corrupt them into becoming Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon.

In My Little Pony: Nightmare Knights, a Celestia from an alternate universe, corrupted into Daybreaker, is enslaved by Princess Eris and used to lure Princess Luna into a casino. Daybreaker also serves as Eris' head of the security, but breaks free and takes over her position of power and helping Luna and her team defeat her.


Celestia: "Don't worry Starlight. I know how to handle Nightmare Moon."
Daybreaker: "Yes, but can you handle... ME!?" (evil laughter)
~ Daybreaker surprising Celestia
Celestia: "This can't be!"
Daybreaker: "If Luna can turn into Nightmare Moon, you can absolutely turn into me...
Daybreaker! The better, prettier and more powerful version of you!"
Celestia: "No! I'll
never turn into you!"
Daybreaker: "Deep inside, you know how powerful you are. You don't need Luna!"
Celestia: "That's not true! Even when we were apart, I knew I needed her!"
Daybreaker: *laughter* "Oh, please! You don't need anypony! You can do whatever you want, and all you have to do is
get rid of anypony who stands in your way!"
~ Daybreaker and Celestia arguing.
Daybreaker: "I never should have banished you to the moon... I SHOULD HAVE DESTROYED YOU!"
Starlight: "No, you can't do that! Day, night! Sun, moon! Equestria needs
both of you! Without balance, there's no harmony!"
Daybreaker: "Who needs balance when you can have it ALL!?" (laughter)
~ Starlight failing to reason with Daybreaker
Celestia: "ENOUGH!"
Daybreaker: (laughter) "I told you I was more powerful than you!"
~ Celestia failing to stop Daybreaker
Ugh, so much black. We get it, your sad. You could really use some... SUN!!!
~ Daybreaker before breathing fire on Nightmare Moon
Celestia: "No, you're not! You are
not real! And you will NEVER EXIST AGAIN!"
~ Celestia defeating Daybreaker





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