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There is only one rule: keep the lights on. On. On...
~ Sun.
Naughty boy... naughty boy...It's past your bedtime, you must be punished. Nighty niiiight...
~ Moon.

The Daycare Attendant is a major antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach.

It is an animatronic humanoid with two personalities: Sun, the benevolent, friendly half who is active when the lights are on, and Moon, the malevolent half who is active when the lights are off.

It is voiced by Kellen Goff, who also voices Funtime Freddy.


Sun serves as the benevolent half of the Daycare Attendant, who is a usually friendly character. It also wants to protect people from Moon, as it reminds Gregory to keep the lights on to prevent Moon from taking over. It also seems to hate rule-breakers, kicking Gregory out of the daycare for "turning the lights off" and deliberately alerting the other animatronics of Gregory's presence.

Moon, however, serves at the malevolent half of the Daycare Attendant. It wants to punish kids for "staying up past their bedtime", with its method of punishment most likely being murder.

The Daycare Attendant's voice varies depending on the form: Sun's voice is high-pitched, friendly, and upbeat, while Moon's is raspier and more sinister.


The Daycare Attendent first appears in the daycare as Sun. Sun dives into the ball pit and grabs Gregory when gets close. Whenever Gregory tries to move, it will bring the child back to the same spot. Gregory must distract Sun by knocking over some cans, forcing it to pick them up. While Gregory is at the desk, the lights will suddenly turn off, causing Sun to transform into Moon.

To turn the lights back on, Gregory has to turn on all five back up generators within the play area and avoid being caught by Moon. After turning them all on, Moon reverts to Sun, angry that Gregory broke the rules, Sun kicks him out of the daycare, but not before alerting the other animatronics that Gregory was there.

After that point, the lights' power is diverted to the recharge stations and will turn off at the end of every hour, allowing Moon to freely roam the mall and hunt down Gregory. When this happens, Gregory must hide in Glamrock Freddy and get to a recharge station immediately. If they don't get to a recharge station in time, Moon will jumpscare Gregory and cause a Game Over.

Later in the game, Moon attacks Freddy, and sadistically waves at Gregory, who is hiding in a recharge station, before dragging the former away.


HEEEELLLL-O! New friend! You're sure up late, are we having a slumber party!? Where are all your friends? We can fingerpaint, tell stories, drink Fizzy Faz until our heads EXPLODE and then stay up all night!
~ Sun upon first meeting the player
Hey! Hey! Are ya havin' fun yet!? Are ya!? Are ya!?
No, no, no, no! What a mess! Oh, which was the bottom? Where is the top? Clean up! Clean up!
~ Sun while distracted.
N-new friend! This- this area's off limits! You're gonna get us in trouble... don't you want a puppet show? I have glitter glue! Ya like glitter glue? ...Googley eyes?
~ Sun having a meltdown while turning into the Moon. (Sun's villainous breakdown)
Bad children must be punished.
~ Moon hunting Gregory.
Rule-breaker, RULE-BREAKER! You are BANNED from the daycare!
~ Sun before banning Gregory from the daycare.
~ Sun's most famous quote.



  • Judging by its screams of agony, it is possible that Sun's transformation into Moon is painful.
  • They are the only animatronic who doesn't initially hunt the player.
  • A customer complaint has an angry parent reveal that her child, who previously had no sleep-related issues, has begun refusing to sleep with the lights off and started wetting the bed after being left there. It is implied that said child has been traumatized by the Daycare Attendant's Moon form.
  • If Gregory tries to return to the Daycare after being thrown out, the Daycare Attendant (as Sun) will appear at the slide and throw him out once more. However, the other animatronics will not come if this happens. Interestingly, this still happens even when Moon is the dominant personality and running around the mall.
  • Despite having a masculine voice, they are only referred to as an "it".
  • Seeing they both have strings on them Daycare Attendant seems to be a marionette similiar to the Puppet. However, they both seem to be able to move just fine without any strings attached and only use them for quick travel from place to place.

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