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I can't fight the Titans.... My buddies were eaten right in front of me They were eaten alive...and I didn't feel anything! No sadness or hate...I was just incredibly grateful... that it wasn't me.
~ Daz showing his cowardly nature.

Daz is a minor antagonist in Attack on Titan and a former member of the 104th Training Corps. After the Battle of Trost District, he joined the Garrison, but eventually joined the Survey Corps after the Battle of Shiganshina. After the Yeagerists overthrew the government in the year 854, Daz would defect from the Scouts and become a member of the Yeagerists, believing in Eren Yeager's plan to destroy the entire world in order to save Paradis Island.


Daz had a rough, short crop of light-grayish hair. He looked noticeably very tensed and fearful most of the time, which caused him to get wrinkles around his mouth and eyes. In his first appearance wore the normal uniform of the trainee squad.

Daz would later come to wear the standard black Survey Corps suit.


In the year 847, Daz would become a member of 104th Training Corps.

104th Training Corps Arc

Daz in the manga.

Daz is seen listening to Eren Yeager as he tells him and the other Trainees about his experiences during the fall of Wall Maria. The story visibly frightens Daz.

A day later, Eren has an accident with his equipment and falls face first on his head. Daz and his friends look at him with condescending disdain and badmouth him, because of Eren's boasting the day before telling them that he will master the odm equipment and slay the Titans.

Daz also appears in the anime adaptation's OVA episode Distress, in the year 848. He is part of a group of Cadets led by Thomas Wagner to go on a wilderness hunt that will teach the Cadets to sustain themselves in times of peace. Daz finds out that someone has stolen the Trainees' ODM gear equipment. The group decides to speed up their mission to warn the other group of cadets led by Marco Bott about the presence of bandits. The next day, Daz and his group come upon Marco's group, who have been engaging the bandits who kidnapped Krista Lenz, and help them disarm the remaining men.

At some unknown point during the training years, the 104th Cadet Corps complete a snowstorm training exercise, arriving at a base at the foot of a mountain. For the duration of the exercise, which is intended to check the trainees' persistence in severe climates, Daz pushes himself too hard, because he was looking to improve his score and loses consciousness, forcing Ymir and Krista Lenz to drag his body along. Although Ymir again and again indicates leaving Daz, Krista refuses and Ymir eventually throws Krista away and swiftly leaves with Daz in her titan form. Ymir brings him to a safe location where he is being taken care of.

Battle of Trost District Arc

After the Trost District's gate is breached by the Colossus Titan in the year 850, Daz and the other trainees are seen getting orders from Garrison Captain Kitz Weilman. They are told that titans have already entered the city and they are put in the middle guard to fight. Daz starts having a mental breakdown and profusely vomits on the floor while being consoled by Krista. Jean Kirstein later angrily orders him to get up. Daz would later be seen amid the cadets that are left stuck in the central of Trost, short on gas and unable to reach the headquarters to resupply, because titans have broken through the supply depot. After Mikasa gives a powerful speech and leaves, Daz unites with the cadets in an attempt to reach the headquarters.

Daz would eventually make it to the HQ, resupply and leave Trost District for the time being. Once all the trainees have joined one another and are now stationed in the safe inner wall of Rose. Daz begins recalling when he saw his friends being eaten alive and only feeling happy that it wasn't him. He starts to mentally collapse thinking that he would become the next victim and takes out his sword, saying that he would rather commit suicide than fight the titans, however Marco Bott tries to calm him down. Later during that same day, the soldiers are awaiting for orders of the Garrison Comander with Daz being one of them; He shouts that he doesn't want to face the titans again and that he desires to go home, while Marco Tries to keep him quiet an officer named Lobov overhears Daz and begins asking in a shouting manner if Daz wants to desert his position, Daz screams that trying to fight the titans is pure suicide and that he would rather be executed if that meant he wouldn't have to face them again.

Just before the argument can get any worse Dot Pixis begins giving a speech where he tells the plan of blocking the hole in the wall by using Eren Yeager's titan form. Daz yells saying that it's nonsense and the other soldiers decide to leave not believing the story, including Daz. As he's walking away Lobov tries to stop him, but he says that he wants to live out the rest of humanity's days with his family. Out of nowhere, Pixis tells the soldiers that wish to leave the possibility of their families ending up being devoured by titans if the whole is not plugged up.

Understanding this, Daz reluctantly goes back to fight and is praised by his friends. Daz is seen with a small team of recruits one of them being Sasha Braus and are tasked to lure titans away from the hole and to the wall. As a titan approaches them, they are ordered to wait until it gets closer, whilst Daz and Sasha look in fear they are ordered to flee then swiftly leave before the titan can grab them.

Although Daz wasn't seen again, he would eventually survive the battle. He joins the Garrison Regiment.

Marley Arc

Daz is shown again in the year 854, now a soldier of the Survey Corps, alongside the other Scouts enjoying their victory over the raid on Marley, in the city of Liberio, four years after the battle of Trost District, but when Warrior candidates Falco Grice and Gabi Braun found a way to get on the airship and Sasha is shot by Gabi, Daz and many of his companions begin beating Gabi and Falco mercilessly.

War for Paradis Arc

A month after the raid on Liberio, Daz is among the Yeagerists and other Paradis soldiers deployed to defend Shiganshina during Marley's surprise attack. He appears during Eren's declaration inside the Paths, along with every other Subject of Ymir in the world. He survives the Marleyan invasion and the attack of pure titans summoned by Zeke Yeager in Shiganshina.

During the Rumbling, Daz and Samuel are amongst the Yeagerists based at the port of Paradis Island to inhibit anyone from trying to use the Azumabito family's flying boat. The Yeagerists capture and hold hostage the ambassador of Hizuru, Kiyomi Azumabito, and her colleagues and engineers. Suddenly Armin Arlert and Connie Springer approach Daz and Samuel and say they need to use the airship to pursue the retreating enemy Marleyans who survived the battle at Shiganshina. The two stop them from seizing the airship, clarifying that both Armin and Connie are suspected to be alleged of working with Marley to undermine Eren Yeager's plan to destroy the world outside Paradis. Armin and Connie clarify that they wouldn't betray them, that the rumbling is the only way to save Paradis, and that they just want to chase the Marleyans. Daz relievedly defuses the explosives attached to the ship.

Abruptly after, Floch Forster pronounces to the other Yeagerists that Armin, Connie, and Mikasa Ackerman have betrayed Paradis. Daz silently begins reinforcing the explosives on the ship, while Armin tries to stop him, Samuel shoots Armin in his jaw and chest. Daz looks in shock, but his companion orders him to reactivate the explosives. Unexpectedly two transformations form, and the Yeagerists are attacked by an allied group between forces of Marley and renegades from Paradis. While Samuel is tackled by Connie while distracted, Daz keeps fearfully looking at them. Samuel angrily orders Daz to blow the airship up, but Daz is then tackled by a wounded Armin. Daz tearfully points a gun to Armin’s head, but this causes Connie to take Samuel's gun and shoot Daz in his head.

After he is shot, his lifeless body falls and sinks in the ocean.


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