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DeSilvo is a minor antagonist of the Recess episode "The Coolest Heatwave Ever". He is a wanted criminal who is known for trying to cause chaos in the world stock market.

He was voiced by Sam McMurray.


During a heatwave at Third Street Elementary, T.J. and his friends were fuming about the pain that the heatwave was bringing to them. Of course, Gus was the only one who managed to find a cold place to visualize. Before the kids found a backup water valve to rehydrate the school, Gus explains his reason why he was able to cool off through visualization: years ago, he and his father Lieutenant Griswold (along with their dog Hoodlum) skied through the Alps to catch a wanted criminal named DeSilvo, who was known to be a former economist who turned to crime after the world currency markets ignored his economic theories before he was fired. Because of this, DeSilvo formulated a plot with several criminals to destroy the world stock market in revenge for his dismissal.

During the chase, DeSilvo got two of his thugs to chase after Gus and his father. He then switched his skis in case that they would still track him down. Fortunately, Gus and his father inexplicably managed to intercept DeSilvo before encasing the latter in snow slush, much to his dismay. It can be implied that DeSilvo and his thugs were arrested and taken into custody for their crimes against the world stock market.


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