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I just wanted someone to hurt as bad as I did.
~ Brinn making excuses for molesting children.

Deacon Brinn is the secondary antagonist of the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode "Quarry". He is a pedophile who molested dozens of little boys, including his own son, and murdered seven-year-old Jeffrey Ronson when he was thirteen.

He was portrayed by Terry Serpico, who also portrayed Captain Turner in Cobra Kai.



In 1980, thirteen-year-old Brinn was molested by his Little League coach, Lucas Biggs. The abuse he suffered warped him, and he began molesting younger children to make someone weaker than him feel as degraded and powerless as he did. His first known victim was seven-year-old Avery Shaw. Later, he molested, raped, and murdered his seven-year-old neighbor, Jeffrey Ronson, while babysitting him, and buried Jeffrey's body in a nearby quarry. Suspicion fell on Biggs after he was sentenced to death for killing one of his victims, but no one was able to prove it.

As an adult, Brinn married a woman named Sarah, with whom he had a son, Zeke, who would eventually become one of his victims. He molested dozens of other little boys, recording the abuse so he could watch it later and relive the experience.


In 2005, Jeffrey's remains were discovered in the quarry, and Special Victims Unit detective Olivia Benson interviews everyone who knew him, including Biggs, who is awaiting execution. Biggs denies killing Jeffrey, but admits to molesting Brinn. When Benson confronts him, Brinn breaks down in tears when recalling the abuse, but says he doesn't know anything about Jeffrey's murder, and implies that Biggs must have done it.

Soon afterward, Brinn is found dead in a nearby trainyard, his body cut in half by a train. Benson assumes Brinn committed suicide because he couldn't deal with the memories of the abuse he suffered. However, an autopsy reveals that Brinn was shot before being hit by the train, and further investigation of the Jeffrey Ronson crime scene reveals that the murderer was likely a child himself; Benson then comes to believe that Brinn killed Jeffrey, and either committed suicide out of guilt or was murdered by someone who knows what he did.

Benson discovers that Shaw had been stalking and mailing letters to Brinn threatening to expose him, so she thinks that Shaw killed him. Shaw readily confesses to killing Brinn because he wanted revenge, and is arrested. Unsatisfied, Benson searches Brinn's house, and finds the videotapes of him abusing boys, including his son, Zeke. In one of the tapes, Shaw is shown breaking into Brinn's house with a gun, demanding to know why Brinn raped him when he was a child. Brinn replies that he had been so traumatized by Biggs' abuse that he had wanted to inflict his pain on someone else. Shaw had then left Biggs alive, proving that Shaw couldn't have killed him; moments later on the tape, Brinn received a phone call that seemed to upset him, and Benson deduces that the person who called Brinn killed him. She checks Brinn's phone records, and finds that his wife, Sarah, had called him.

Benson interrogates Sarah, who says that her marriage to Brinn had been on the rocks for years, to the point that he had briefly moved out. When Zeke told her what Brinn did to him, she called her husband, demanding to know the truth. Brinn met with her and, when she threatened to kill him, admitted that he had abused Zeke. Sarah forced him into her car and drove him to the train yard, and then pulled a gun on him. A terrified Brinn had begged for his life, promising to move away and never bother them again, but an enraged Sarah shot him dead, and put his body on the tracks so it would be run over and it would look like he killed himself. Sarah is arrested, and Shaw is released; Biggs, meanwhile, is executed on schedule.


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