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Watch out for its infinite hands! If it grabs you, tap any button to escape! Aim for its head!
~ Navi about one of the Dead Hand monsters.

Dead Hand is a minor antagonist in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It resides at the Bottom of the Well in Kakariko Village as well as the Shadow Temple in the Graveyard. This creature is not alone, for it came from a hideous species of seemingly undead monsters of the same name.


Living inside both the Bottom of the Well and the Shadow Temple, Dead Hand is a boss that needs to be fought in order to get the Lens of Truth for the first fight and the Hover Boots the second. At first, all that is visible are its multiple hands, grabbing Link when he gets too close to one. This will cause the main body of the Dead Hand to emerge from the ground, slowly crawl towards Link while laughing, and elongates its jaw to bite Link. Link can escape its hand's grasp by repeating pressing buttons.

The best way to go about the fight without the Lens of Truth is by letting Link be snared by its hands, then break free to attack its body before it bites.

Destroying enough of the hands without being snared also causes the monster to emerge, allowing the player to strike. With the Lens of Truth, the player can use the item to see where the beast is hiding. Laying a bomb at its position will automatically make it rise to the surface.

The Dead Hands will remain deceased for the rest of Link's journey, but in Master Quest, both Dead Hands will always respawn no matter how many times Link enters the Bottom of the Well or the Shadow Temple. Also exclusive to Master Quest is a single hand of a third Dead Hand that can be found in Ganon's Tower, in the water barrier room that hides a hidden switch to the next room. Unlike the other occurrences, no Dead Hand will emerge if the hand grabs Link.


Dead Hand's central body is a white, blobby mass, covered in patches of something that looks like blood, with tiny arms that terminate in sharp red spines rather than hands. Its eyes are black and expressionless, and its jaw, filled with giant teeth, can open incredibly wide. Around it emerge hands from the floor.

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  • Dead Hand is infamous in The Legend of Zelda series for being an especially creepy boss, with various blood-like patches across his unnatural body with his pit's walls lined with skulls.


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