Deadeye (real name: William Lawton) is a deadly mercenary and a supervillain from the Amalgam universe. He reportedly never misses a mark. This assassin is a fusion of the Marvel villain Bullseye and the DC villain Deadshot.

He was created by D.G. Chichester and Scott McDaniel.


Deadeye is one of Dare the Terminator's enemies. In one of his fights with her, he was able to damage one of her eyes, forcing her to wear an eyepatch (though it's worth noting she was already blind due to an incident with some chemicals that happened previously). Later, Deadeye fought fellow assassin Catsai, but she came back from the dead due to having as many lives as her namesake.

Later, the corrupt mayor of New Gotham the Big Question (Edward Fisk), brought Deadeye and two other assassins named Lethal and Wired together, and revealed that all of them had one thing in common: that they had all been defeated by Dare and Catsai at some point or another. Deadeye, Lethal, and Wired figured that, if they only worked together, they could at last overcome their mutual foes. Working for the Big Question made them think that they were all set up for riches, provided they followed through with getting rid of Dare and Catsai.

But, when Catsai and Dare arrived at Arkham Tower, they killed anyone standing between them and the Big Question. Deadeye was the twelfth person to do so, and suffered the same fate as the previous eleven. Catsai was the one who killed him, happily putting of her sais in his back and noting that it "felt right to her". 


  • Catsai's method of killing Deadeye by running one of her said into him and noting that it "feels right" is a nod to how Bullseye (who is one of Deadeye), murdered Elektra (who is one half of Catsai), by running her through with her own sai. So in essence Catsai avenged the death of one her halves at the hands of one of Deadeye's halves.


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