Deadeye Joe is an enemy form Contra: Hard Corps and the secondary antagonist in the game.



A mercenary who had most of his body enhanced with cyborg parts, Deadeye Joe lives for combat, which is his only source of pleasure in life. He was hired by Colonel Bahamut to attack the Hard Corps and stall them, but during the course of the game he comes to see them as worthy opponents. 

Joe's fate

He is initially fought as the first stage boss, where he pilots a humanoid mech, escaping after being defeated. His fate varies with the path taken by the player: 

  • If the players chooses to "Chase Deadeye Joe", the Hard Corps will pursue him in a long highway while he sends various bots after them. Once they're all destroyed, Joe will fight in a giant running mech with spiked balls. Once he's defeated he reveals he was just a decoy and blows himself up.
  • If the players chooses to "Rescue the Research Center" and "Surrender and Fight Later", he will break the heroes free and return their weapons. After Bahamut is defeated and launches a rocket containing the Alien Cell, Deadeye Joe pursues the heroes, openly expressing he doesn't care that his boss is dead and only wishes to face the heroes in battle. He finally ends defeated during this fight.
  • If the players chooses to "Rescue the Research Center" and "Fight to the End", he will appear in Bahamut's base, fighting the heroes in a spherical bot. After being defeated Bahamut shows up a disposes of Deadeye Joe for failing.


  • In Probotector MD, Deadeye Joe's appearance is changed into a humanoid alien.

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