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Part of a history when television was black and white, Dangly Deever was a former children's show character. In the Sam and Max episode "It's Dangly Deever Time", Deever is brought into the world but soon, so is his evil self Deadly Dangly Deever.

"It's Dangly Deever Time"

Seeking to catch a program, Sam and Max fiddle with the Geek's television set designed to pick up on old TV signals for archival/historical purposes. One of these programs is centered around Dangly Deever, an excitedly goody two-shoes puppet in the vein of Howdy Doody, which naturally disturbs Sam and Max. Due to the invention acting up, Dangly Deever is brought into the real world. The puppet however becomes depressed at the sight of the world as a corrupt and crude place.

The Geek returns and discovers Deadly Dangly Deever appear from the television set with a gang of goons. They sing about causing chaos (including Deadly drawing out a cleaver that he course doesn't use due to it being a kid's show) and run into the open to wreak havoc. Sam and Max manage to catch Deadly and trap his goons back into the television set. Deadly tries to take the Geek hostage but is stopped by his good counterpart. Both are then sent back into the TV land.

"The Final Episode"

Yet somehow, Deadly reappears for the final episode as part of Mack Salmon's group of villains seeking revenge against Sam and Max. He is nevertheless defeated by the duo and thrown off the plane carrying them.

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