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I'm one of a kind, you're a Xerox of your papa.
~ The Merc with a Mouth

Deadpool is a character on the critically acclaimed webseries Epic Rap Battles of History, being based off and a parody of the Marvel character of the same name.

He is portrayed by Robert Hoffman and voiced by EpicLloyd, who has portrayed many villains on the webseries.

Deadpool vs Boba Fett

Deadpool starts off the battle first, saying he has an issue with not knowing enough about Boba Fett to diss him. Then he breaks the fourth wall and asks the viewers if he will really "screw this feud up" and lose to the Bounty Hunter.

Of course, Deadpool is confident he won't lose and then brandishes his katanas before vanishing to another part of the sewer, dancing in an Elvis Presley costume, complete with signature hairstyle. He also brags he has better wits and strength than Boba Fett, and he is mad that Samuel L. Jackson's character killed his clone father. Next he pledges to put a bounty on Fett's cape and write a letter mailing to his face.

In his second verse, Deadpool notices Boba Fett's jetpack and disses him by calling it a "missile backpack", saying it will only protect him from birds. Deadpool calls him overrated and having only five lines in the original Star Wars trilogy, one of which was "Aaaaaaahhh!"

In his third verse, after Boba Fett calls Deadpool a schizophrenic, he plays the role of a smartass and says "Who you calling schizophrenic? You got two different voices." Then he reminds Boba Fett he is like his holiday special of Star Wars, and is full of bad choices. Finally, in his fourth and last verse, Deadpool shows off in front of him and attacks goons with his katanas, martial arts, and guns, all while saying Boba Fett got "straight up abandoned" and let a kiwi hold his gun who messed with his cannon. To be straight with Boba Fett, he reminds the bounty hunter not to talk about movies (Boba Fett told him earlier he should have ditched Ryan Reynolds of Van Wilder fame) as he has nothing good to say and should wrap his arm dart around Jar Jar Binks and go far, far away.


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