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I thought you'd appreciate the sentry I chose. The great Agaddon Hunters from the Telos Realm, though long thought to be extinct, created to hunt only the Slayer and his Night Sentinels during the Unholy Crusade... some improvements on the design have been made; enjoy what is undoubtedly my finest work.
~ Deag Ranak unleashing the Doom Hunters on Doomguy.

Deag Ranak is a major antagonist of the Doom reboot series, serving as one of the two unseen overarching antagonists (alongside the Dark Lord) of the 2016 video game Doom, and a major antagonist of its 2020 sequel Doom Eternal.

He is a Hell Priest and one of the three coordinating the demonic invasion of Earth at the behest of the Khan Maykr.

He was voiced by Jason Spisak.



Ranak was once a member of the Order Deag and a Sentinel Priest under the king of Argent D'Nur. Once an honorable man, Ranak was corrupted by Argent and since allied with the Maykrs in their plan to unleash the demons from Hell and destroy humanity to claim the Earth for themselves. Along with the other high priests of the Deag, he used his essence to gain power before absorbing the dimension of the Night Sentinels.

Ranak was behind the development of a Hellgate, awaiting the omen of the sixth seal that will signal the Age of Rapture. At some point, he coordinated with Olivia Pierce on Mars, making him indirectly responsible behind billions of casualties.

Doom Eternal

Following Olivia's death and the demonic invasion of Earth, Ranak became an overseer of a massive facility over the UAC located at the North Pole. Under his rule of "wealth and power", the facility was corrupted from the inside, with its employees absolved of their morality. They created numerous monstrosities to aid the demon horde, with his most successful being a trio of cyborg demons which he calls Doom Hunters, modified Agaddon Hunters from the Telos Realm.

Ranak later joins Deag Grav in performing a ritual to help assist the demonic forces. Suddenly, Doomguy shows up and throws Deag Nilox's decapitated head at them, much to their horror. Ranak angrily declares that Doomguy's actions will not be able to save the cursed souls gathered by the Khan Maykr from their judgment. Before Doomguy could kill the two Hell Priests, the Khan Makykr teleports them away, with Ranak retreating to his Arctic facility.

Upon locating and warping to Ranak's facility, The Doom Hunter Base, Ranak was awaiting Doomguy's assault and unleashes his creations to kill him. As Doomguy fights his way through the base, Ranak manipulates the UAC members into fighting Doomguy so he could speed up the Hellgate's activation. Once Doomguy reaches the center of the base, Ranak unleashes the Doom Hunters. After a lengthy battle, Doomguy slays the Doom Hunters and confronts Ranak. He cowardly offers to aid Doomguy with power and knowledge in exchange for his life, only to be decapitated mid-sentence by the Doomblade.



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