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~ Dean Hancock's catchphrase

Chief Dean Hancock is a major recurring villain from the Netflix original series, Paradise P.D. He is the police chief of Diamond City Police Academy and the arch-rival of Randall Crawford. Aside from one-upping him at everything, Hancock also torments Randall by pulling pranks on him that go way too far and marrying his mother. All of this is done with the sole purpose of him, as he puts it, "fucking with Randall".

He is voiced by John DiMaggio.


In "Ass on the Line", Dean Hancock and presumably a few other cops of Diamond City, broke into Paradise Police Department and glued all of the furniture (and Hopson) to the ceiling as a prank. Immediately, Randall knew exactly who did this and drive down to Diamond City to yell at Hancock. Dean Hancock, who was at the time, accepting an award from the mayor, deeming him the best police chief in Diamond City, denied these accusations, saying that he would never break into his police station and pull pranks like that. However, after the camera crew was gone, he admitted that he did, in fact, do that and it was all part of a prank to fuck with him. It was also brought up that Hancock married Randall's mother, officially making him Randall's stepfather and Kevin's step-grandfather. Hancock admitted that he also did this to fuck with him.

Later that day, there was a report about a dead body, which lied on the border of Paradise and Diamond City. Both police forces rushed down to the scene of the crime and argued over who gets to solve the crime. The cops finally agreed on dividing the evidence between the two of them and working on their own side of the body. However, this meant that Diamond City got the top half of the body, giving them the fingerprints, facial recognition, and dental records, while Paradise was stuck with the ass. Randall drove himself crazy, trying to find the identity of the victim, going off of the guy's ass to no avail.

At the end of the episode, Dean Hancock revealed that he had solved the murder in minutes and has then since taken the place of the dead body, making Randall go insane by shoving his hand up his ass, observing his anus, and driving himself crazy. Once again, Hancock had humiliated Randall and proven that he was a better cop than he was.

In "Police Academy", Randall and Kevin were forced to go to Diamond City Police Academy, after it was learned they were both short a credit for being real police officers. Dean Hancock was their teacher and he showed lots of respect toward Kevin while treating Randall like shit, as an attempt to try and divide them. Despite Hancock's bias, it was clear that Kevin was a more competent police officer than Randall, seeing as how he passed every test with flying colors, while Randall fucked everything up and acted like a complete idiot the whole time. The challenges were in no way rigged but Hancock still seized this opportunity to drive the two family members apart.

In the end, Hancock ended up flunking Randall and passing Kevin, just like they deserved. However, Kevin still didn't like how Hancock had treated his dad, so he got revenge on him by showing everyone a sex video of him and his wife, who, as mentioned before, is Randall's mother. This was a terrible idea on Kevin's behalf, as all it did was embarrass Randall make Hancock feel pride.

In "Paradise P.D. Meets Brickleberry", a flashback showed that Randall and Dean knew each other since they were children and they apparently used to be friends at this time. One day, Dean and Randall were at the latter's house, playing video games, when Dean saw Randall's mother, Mavis Crawford and got a boner from looking at her ass. Dean felt the need to mention this out loud, which disturbed and angered Randall. Randall's then stepbrother, Woody saw how Randall was upset by Dean's statements and attacked him as revenge. This is arguably the only time in the series Dean ever got any comeuppance for his wrongdoings.


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