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Dean Sykes is a fictional character of the British soap opera Coronation Street. He only appeared in three episodes in October 2000 and served as the main antagonist in the "Frescho Siege" storyline.

He was portrayed by Ciaran Griffiths.


Dean Sykes was born at some time in 1983. He had an unnamed brother along with two other siblings named Jimmy and Ryan. Together, they had a sister called Linda and all the siblings had been conceived by parents Raymond and Evelyn.

Prior to the year 2000, Dean grew up to be a petty criminal and later partnered up with fellow habitual offender Lenny Larkin. Soon enough the pair intended to rob the Frescho supermarket with the intent of stealing thousands of pounds before fleeing the country to start anew with their financial futures.

In October 2000, Dean carried out the robbery with Lenny; a siege ensued as the pair took a number of hostages, including Linda's husband Mike Baldwin and his archenemy Ken Barlow along with their friends and neighbours from Weatherfield. The siege continued for a while as Linda later found out about her brother's role in the incident. Eventually the police broke in and they arrested Lenny. Shortly afterwards, Dean brandished a handgun and opened fired at the police officers; he injured one of them in the process. Dean was about to escape and was prepared to shoot fellow hostage Curly Watts, but then Curley's wife and policewoman Emma Taylor intervened by shooting Dean.

Once the siege was over, Dean was rushed to the hospital; however, the doctors were unable to save him as Dean died from his injuries. His funeral later took place off-screen, though Linda later stated how upset she is that her brother is dead.


  • He made a total of 3 appearances throughout his duration on the show.