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Dean Trumbell, also known as The Mattress Man, is the main antagonist of the 2002 romantic comedy-drama film Punch-Drunk Love. He is the manager and owner of D&D Mattress and supervisor of a phone-sex line.

He was portrayed by the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, who also played Brendan Flynn in Doubt, Owen Davian in Mission: Impossible III, and Allen in Happiness.


When Barry Egan is feeling alone he calls a phone-sex line to have someone to talk, the operator asks for too much information including credit card number, a girl called Georgia speaks to him that night and the day after Georgia calls Barry asking for money but Barry refuses, Georgia keeps calling Barry to his office but Barry ignores her repeatedly, Georgia threats Barry but he still ignores her.

Georgia speaks to the phone-sex line supervisor the owner of a mattress store Dean Trumbell "the mattress man", Dean sends his blonde goons to kidnap Barry and make him pay the money, Barry gives them all the money he had in his account even though it isn't what Georgia originally asked for, Barry encouraged by his new romance with Lena, leaves a message in Georgia's answering machine asking for his money back, when Barry and Lena get back home from Hawaii, Dean blonde goons appear and crash Barry's car with their truck, hurting Lena, Barry grabs a tire iron and beats up the goons.

Later angry, Barry calls Georgia and asks to speak to the supervisor. Dean answers and after arguing a while, Barry shouts at Dean to go fuck himself, Dean offended threats Barry, but Barry finds Dean mattress store in Utah and he travels there to speak to him, he finds Georgia cutting Dean's hair, Dean, at first tries to intimidate Barry, but finds Barry much more intimidating and Barry compels Dean to leave him and Lena alone saying "I have a love in my life, it makes me stronger than anything you can imagine", before Barry leaves the store Dean calls him pervert one more time but Barry yells "DIDN'T I WARN YOU?!" Dean scared apologizes saying "th...that's that" and goes back to his own business.