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Yes, yes, yes it was.
~ Dean admits that he raped Linda.

Dean Wicks is a fictional character and major antagonist of the BBC British soap opera EastEnders.

He served as one of the protagonists in 2006-2008, before later returning as the secondary antagonist in 2014 and one of the two main antagonists in 2015-2016.

He was portrayed by Matt Di Angelo.


The character Dean Wicks is the son of Shirley Carter and Buster Briggs who was initially thought to be the nephew of established character Mick Carter; it was later revealed that Mick is actually Dean's brother as well as Shirley's son as opposed to Mick and Shirley being siblings at the time.

His main storylines include raping his sister-in-law Linda Carter, a longstanding feud with Linda's husband Mick Carter following the incident, a relationship with girlfriend Roxy Mitchell before attempting to rape her one night, and trying to kill both his brother and their own mother Shirley on the day of Mick and Linda's wedding.



Dean Wicks first came to Walford in early 2006. He soon began stirring up problems for some people after spiking the drink that belonged to local resident Stacey Slater, and later blaming her boyfriend Bradley Branning for the incident. He later drove recklessly in his car, which ended with him crashing it at one point and nearly running over schoolgirl Abi Branning. Then he frames shopkeeper Patrick Trueman for stealing, but eventually Dean is caught out and forced to leave the square for good.


In 2014, Dean returns to the square and supposedly makes amends with his mother Shirley. But then he continues to cause trouble in the square. First he dates Abi's sister Lauren for a while, but she breaks up with him later on. When Dean confronts his mother and blames her for the way how his life turned down, Shirley's brother Mick Carter responds by punching Dean and ordering him to leave.

It is then Dean begins interacting with Mick's wife Linda, who had taken pity on Dean and they begin to spend time together. Dean soon becomes romantically obsessed with Linda and one night he tries to seduce her. Linda rejects him, and in response Dean attacks her - ultimately raping her in the end. Linda tells no one which leaves her mentally traumatized. Dean carries on like nothing happed even confronting Linda casually a few times. Stacey who also a victim of rape is the first to first to find out about the rape and convinces Linda to tell Mick, so she doesn’t do something she regrets as Stacey killed her rapist Archie Mitchell years ago. Linda finally tells Mick on Christmas day 2014 and he is outraged so ruthlessly hits him until Shirley reveals that they are actually both brothers. It transpires that Shirley was Mick's mum and not his sister. Dean denies these the rape claim claiming that the sex was consensual.

The accusations spilt the Carter family, with Shirley and Stan Carter believing Dean’s side to the story and this causes fighting between them. Dean is eventually arrested for rape and let out on bail. His life starts to spiral out of control when the Square finds out what he has been accused off. He threatens to set the Vic of fire but is stopped by Mick who steps on his throat making his daughter, Nancy Carter feared that Mick had murdered him.

A few months later Dean returns whilst Linda have given brith to Ollie Carter prematurly after Linda fell down the stairs and Dean requests a DNA test to see if the baby is his. The result was negative, and Mick was the biological father. However, Dean realises he does have a kid called Jade Green because of a one-night stand between him and Shabnam Masood. Shabnam claims that the baby died but Dean is suspicious that she is lying.

Linda rejects Dean when he offers to put the past behind them. Dean then starts a relationship with Roxy which leaves her sister Ronnie Mitchell furious that she would date a rapist and forces her to end it. Roxy doesn’t so Ronnie tries to kill Dean with poison. Dean and Roxy are then engaged but soon after loses his temper and throws a mug at her, so she ends the relationship. Dean refuse to accept this so attempts to rape her until Shirley walks in. Roxy escapes and Dean blames his mum again for becoming a rapist claiming she didn’t put him first. Shirley attempts to drown him in the bathtub but fails. Dean finally admits that he raped Linda and then flees. The next day he arrives at Mick and Linda’s wedding where he attempts to kill Shirley by drowning her into a lake. Mick jumps in to save Shirley and Dean and Mick have a fight which leaves Dean unconscious whils Shirley is taken to safety. He decides to save Dean and does CRP to resuscitate him which is successful. Dean is then in arrested from the attempted rape of Roxy. He pleads not guilty in court but is rejected bail. His trial was a few months later where he was found not guilty leaving Mick furious. He was payed off by Buster to leave but warned not to return to Walford again.



  • Matt Di Angelo (the actor who played Dean Wicks) was the runner-up in nomination of the "Sexiest Actor" award at the 2006 and 2007 British Soap Award ceremonies respectively.