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Right now, I'm doing everything I can not to come over there and RIP YOUR THROAT OUT. With my TEETH.
~ Dean to Sam.

Dean Winchester is one of the two main protagonists, along with his brother Sam, of the television series Supernatural. Though one of the two heroes of the show Dean's actions have gradually become darker, ruthless, and morally questionable, though usually for good reason i.e. misunderstandings or mystical influence. He served as the secondary antagonist of Season 10.

An alternative version of Demon Dean makes a cameo appearance in season 15.

He is portrayed by Jensen Ackles, who also portrays Tom Hanniger in the 2009 horror film, My Bloody Valentine, Jason Teague in Smallville and voices Jason Todd in Batman: Under the Red Hood.


Season 9

In Season 9, Dean receives the Mark of Cain from Cain himself, in order to be able to use the First Blade to kill Abaddon. However, both the Mark and the First Blade begin to corrupt him, making him aggressive and slowly crueler and more brutal; Dean gets more and more tempted to kill without need while also being far more unpleasent towards those around him.

In the Season 9 finale "Do You Believe in Miracles?", Dean attempts to use the First Blade to kill Metatron, who overpowers him and stabs him in the heart with an angel blade. Soon after, Dean dies from his wound, only to later come back to life as a demon due to the Mark of Cain. The transformation has a terrible effect on Dean, completely inverting his personality, turning him arrogant, selfish, cruel, and hedonistic.

Season 10

In the Season 10 premiere "Black", Dean has spent the past few weeks having a good time with Crowley, who proposes they revamp Hell. However, Dean doesn't care for Crowley's wishes and is instead enjoying his new lifestyle. He still kills two supporters of Abaddon (it turns out that Crowley manipulated the two demons to confront Dean, as he knew Dean needed to kill regularly or the Mark's effects would consume him) and starts a mostly physical relationship with Anne Marie, a waitress at one of the roadhouses he and Crowley are staying at. Upon seeing her ex bothering her, Dean marches over, beats the man to a bloody pulp, and tells him never to come back. Crowley keeps approaching him, hoping to work with Dean, but Dean is uninterested. Crowley also tells him that Dean's brother Sam has found them and is coming; as such, they decide to leave soon.

Later, after drinking far too much, Dean tries again with Anne Marie, however, she has, by this point, seen he doesn't care for her and just enjoys the sex. Seeing this isn't going anywhere, Dean drops the "nice guy" act and instead shames and humiliates Anne Marie for sleeping with him, leaving her in tears. He then leaves, only to get a call from Cole Trenton, who is pursuing him. Cole tells Dean that he has Sam and tells him to meet him or he will kill Sam; Dean, however, tells Cole to go ahead and kill Sam, not caring about Sam any longer, but warns that, because he annoyed him, Dean will kill Cole when they meet.

In "Reichenbach", Dean goes to another strip club, where he tries to fondle a stripper, drawing the attention of a bouncer who tries to intervene, only for Dean to effortlessly overpower him and beat him senseless, breaking his arm in the process. Upon leaving the strip club, Dean almost attacks several teenagers who pushed past him and called him "Grandpa." Crowley arrives, pointing out that Dean has to start killing or the rage will consume him. As such, he proposes that Dean works for him, acting as a collector to kill people whom others want dead in demonic deals.

Dean agrees and goes to confront an adulterous housewife whose husband, Lester, has made a deal for her to die so he won't lose anything in the divorce. He is about to enter her home, only to find Lester watching. Dean goes to talk to him, revealing himself, and then criticizes him for actually being here when his wife is about to be murdered, calling him a loser for letting this happen (noting that the wife is a lot hotter than he is) and then correctly guesses he cheated first. Lester tries to justify it, partially through sexism; Dean, however, just hits him. When Lester tells him bluntly to do the job, Dean kills him.

Dean returns to Crowley, who's furious to learn that he didn't kill the right person, as that means Crowley won't get the soul. However, Dean casually reveals he doesn't care and isn't interested in working for Crowley. Crowley tries to order him down, but Dean instead turns on Crowley, casually knocking him to the ground. As Dean is a more powerful demon than he is, Crowley is forced to back down, unable to do anything in response. Dean then tells Crowley he'll turn up when he needs to kill, but apart from that, he's not interested in anything else.

Realizing the danger he is in, Crowley sells Dean's location out to Sam; for the price, he will get the First Blade when Sam captures him (to stop Dean from using it to kill Crowley). Sam arrives just as Dean begins to explore his demonic powers and tries to talk Dean into leaving with him, but Dean dismisses his brother's words and reveals he doesn't want to be cured; he wants to stay in this lifestyle and threatens to kill Sam if he bothers him. The brothers are interrupted by Cole launching a smoke grenade in through the window; although it causes Sam to choke, it simply lets Dean know that Cole has arrived.

Dean confronts Cole and mocks the man's idea that Dean should remember him. When Cole reveals that Dean murdered his father, Dean brushes it off, saying he killed lots of people. Cole responds by telling him that he has trained his whole life to kill Dean and attacks. Dean, however, casually takes him on. Cole refuses to give up and manages to wound Dean, but Dean overpowers him, effortlessly healing his wound before revealing to Cole his demonic nature and beating him to a pulp. However, he decides not to kill Cole. However, just as Dean is leaving, Sam manages to catch him by surprise and empties a whole bottle of holy water at Dean, stunning him long enough for Sam to restrain Dean using enchanted handcuffs.

Sam then gives the First Blade to Crowley and takes Dean back to the Bunker to begin the process of turning him human again. On the way back, Sam reveals his belief that Dean is not so far gone after all, as he didn't kill Cole. Dean, however, laughs off the idea, saying it was mercy and that leaving Cole alive knowing he had failed his one chance at killing the man who killed his father was far worse than any death. He then reveals that, as soon as he escapes, he will kill Sam.

In "Soul Survivor", Dean is kept in the Men of Letters' Bunker, bound to a chair within a devil's trap to prevent him from escaping. Sam begins injecting Dean with sanctified human blood in an effort to restore Dean's humanity. The treatment appears to have an effect on Dean, though Dean insists he doesn't want to be cured. Dean taunts Sam about the lengths he went to to try and find him, namely manipulating Lester into summoning a Crossroads Demon so he (Sam) could interrogate the demon as to Dean and Crowley's whereabouts. Dean goes on to say very cruel things to his brother, even telling Sam he's tired of always looking after him and stating their mother wouldn't have died if it hadn't been for Sam.

Dean eventually gets free (thanks to the human blood starting to turn him human again) and pursues Sam throughout the Bunker. He corners Sam and attempts to attack him with a hammer, but Sam holds Ruby's knife to his throat. Sam backs down and Castiel arrives in time to restrain Dean. Sam and Castiel put Dean back in captivity, and moments later, Dean returns to his normal human self.

Season 15

An alternate version of Demon Dean killing Sam.

It is revealed that God had created an alternative universe in which another version of Dean also bore the Mark of Cain and became a demon. In a vision by Sam (who ended up sharing a link with God's mind), he saw this universe in which another version of himself approached Demon Dean in their bunker and was going to kill him. However, this Demon Dean got the upper hand and killed Sam. This was another one of God/Chuck's "drafts", as he liked to create other universes and play around with other versions of Sam and Dean.

This version of Demon Dean would later be killed by God when God destroyed his universe, as God began wiping out the multiverse.

Powers and Abilities

After being transformed into a Knight of Hell by the Mark of Cain and dean possessed powers that far surpass that of low and mid-tier demons. Since then he has been cured of both being a demon and the Mark.

  • Possession - Dean was resurrected as a demon in his own body, but it is likely that he had the ability to leave his own body, and possess the bodies of others, and take control of them.
  • Immunity - Dean, as a Knight of Hell and the bearer of the Mark of Cain, is much more resilient than most demons. While vulnerable to holy water, he was shown to recover quickly from it. He also retains his demon mannerisms for a longer period of time while being cured than other demons. He also became immune to a Devil's Trap briefly due to his humanity being restored.
  • Super Senses/Astral Perception - As a demon, Dean's senses were heightened and expanded. He was able to detect when other demons were nearby as shown when he was stalked by an Abaddon loyalist and instantly recognized him as a demon.
  • Super Strength - As a Knight of Hell, Dean is significantly stronger than common demons: he was able to easily shove Crowley, the King of Hell, to the ground and quickly overpower Cole during their fight after toying with him. He was also easily able to overpower lower demons. However, Castiel was able to restrain him, albeit while Dean was being cured and was in the process of having his humanity restored.
  • Immortality - Unless he transfers the mark to someone else, and is killed by The First Blade, Dean will never die by neither natural nor superficial means. It is highly implied that he cannot kill himself with the blade, as it had no effect on him when he slit open his hand.
    • Regeneration - After being reborn, Dean's wounds, including the stab wound from an angel blade, were completely healed. Dean also healed near-instantly from a knife cut to the face, and a cut from the First Blade that he made in his hand healed within seconds.
    • Self-Resurrection - As a Knight of Hell, since he is the host of the Mark of Cain, he cannot die, not even by the best of Death's efforts.
    • Invulnerability - Knights of Hell are little affected by damage dealt to their hosts, even injuries as severe as being stabbed, gunshot wounds, decapitation, and dismemberment do very little harm.
    • Super Stamina - Demons do not require food, water, or sleep to maintain themselves. Dean, as a demon, can consume vast amounts of alcohol without dying and very little effect. He was also unaffected by tear gas.
  • Electromagnetic Interference - Dean's presence caused interference in a gas station's security cameras.
  • Uncontrollable Bloodlust - While Dean had the Mark of Cain, even in human form, his bloodlust was very high as slaughtering people provided him with mental and emotional satisfaction.
  • Wielding the First Blade - As the bearer of the Mark of Cain, Dean was able to wield the First Blade against all types of enemies who would otherwise be invulnerable to harm such as other Knights of Hell.


Well, all you Abaddon groupies are the same, you know that? You, the douche that jumped me at the gas station, you can't just can't accept that the queen is dead, can you?
~ Dean to an Abaddon loyalist.
The kind of guy who sleeps with every skank in every small-town dive that he passes through? Well, you really do know how to read people, 'cause that sure as hell sounds like me.
~ Dean to Anne-Marie.
No, you listen to me. There's no trade. There's no meet-up. There's no nothing.. .except the one-hundred percent guarantee that, somewhere down the road, I will find you, and I will kill you.
~ Dean to Cole.
I told [Sam] to let me go. So whatever jam he's in now, that is his problem.
~ Dean to Cole, abandoning Sam to his fate.
Go ahead. Make a move. See how it ends. I ain't your friggin' bestie, and I ain't taking orders from you. When I need to kill, I'll call. Until then, stay out of my way.
~ Dean rejecting Crowley.
Hiya, Sam.
~ Dean greeting Sam after the latter finds him in a bar.
Did you ever stop to think that if I wanted to be cured, I wouldn't have bailed?
~ Dean to Sam, after Sam brings up the demon cure.
"You're my brother, and I'm here to take you home." Yeah, what is this, a Lifetime movie? Huh? With your puppy-dog eyes? Oh, thanks, Sammy. I needed that.
~ Dean mocking Sam's efforts to get through to him.
Right. Right. You're the guy who's supposed to put a bullet in Sammy's brain. Did you miss?
~ Dean,to Cole.
Yeah, yeah. You're that guy from that thing.
~ Dean to Cole.
Well, hey, I'm not saying I didn't slice and dice your old man. I'm just saying that he wasn't the first, and he certainly wasn't the last, and they all just kind of get blended up.
~ Dean,to Cole.
What did you think was gonna happen, huh? You just stroll up here and say "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!" And I'd just roll over? Well, that's just--it makes me sad.
~ Dean taunting Cole.
You call that mercy? Imagine you spend your whole life hunting down the guy that knifed your father. When you finally find him...he whips you like a dog. How do you think that feels? That kid's gonna spend his whole life knowing that he had his shot and that he couldn't beat me. That ain't mercy; that's the worst thing I could have done to him. And what I'm gonna do to you, Sammy...well, that ain't gonna be mercy, either.
~ Dean to Sam.
Sam, I know you think you're gonna try and fix me, but...did it ever occur to you that maybe I don't want to be fixed? Just let me go live my life. I won't bother you. What do you care?
~ Dean to Sam.
You think I'm just gonna sit here like Crowley? Getting all weepy while you shoot me up? Well, screw that. I don't want this!
~ Dean to Sam.
Sammy... you know I hate shots.
~ Dean to Sam, before Sam injects him with sanctified human blood.
For all you know, you could be killing me.
~ Dean to Sam.
Oh, it's the real me, all right. The new real me—the me that sees things for what they really are. Winchesters. Do-gooders. Fighting the natural order. Let me tell you something—guys like me, we are the natural order. It's the way it was set up.
~ Dean to Sam.
Don't be so full of yourself, Sammy. 'Cause, see, from where I'm sitting...there ain't much difference from what I turned into to what you already are. [...] I know what you did when you went looking for me. I know how far you went. Crowley told me all about it. So let me ask you...which one of us is really a monster? Hmm? Starting to come back to you now? [...] You were trying to get a twenty on Crowley and me from any demon you could snag. But Crowley didn't want to be found, and no one showed when you summoned. But you found a way, didn't you, Sam? [...] You would have liked to have gotten there before the deal went down, but you didn't really care about poor ol' Lester, did you?
~ Dean to Sam, about what he did to find Dean,.
Who cares what you meant?! That line that we thought was so clear between us and the things that we hunted, ain't so clear, is it? Wow. You might actually be worse than me! I mean, you took a guy at his lowest, used him, and it cost him his life and his soul. Nice work.
~ Dean to Sam.
Let me ask you this, Sammy, If this doesn't work, we both know what you got to do to me, right? You got the stomach for that, Sam?!
~ Dean to Sam.
Yeah, if you...consider drowning in your own sweat while your blood boils "okay."
~ Dean, to Sam, "Soul Survivor"
In fact, your, uh...guilt-ridden, weight-of-the-world bro has been MIA for quite some time now. But I'm loving the new model: Lean, mean Dean.
~ Dean to Sam.
You notice I tried to get as far away from you as possible? Away from your whining, your complaining. I chose the King of Hell over you! Maybe I was just...tired of babysitting you. Or always having to yank your lame ass out of the fire since...forever. Or maybe...maybe it was the fact that my mother would still be alive if it wasn't for you. That your very existence sucked the life out of my life!
~ Dean to Sam.
You never had a brother! Just an excuse for not manning up.
~ Dean to Sam.
Dad? Oh, there's a prize. There's a man who brainwashed us into wasting our lives fighting his losing battle!
~ Dean about John.
Come on, Sammy! Don't you want to hang out with your big brother? Spend a little quality time?
~ Dean taunting Sam while looking for him in the Bunker.
Smart, Sam! Locking the place down. Doors won't open. I get it. But here's the thing: I don't want to leave! Not 'til I find you!
~ Dean after Sam locks down the Bunker.
Sammy! You're just making this worse for yourself, man! Oh, by the way, you can, uh...blame yourself for me getting loose. All that blood you pumped into me to make me human... Well, the less demon I was, the less the cuffs worked. And that Devil's Trap? Well, I just walked right across it. It smarted, but still.
~ Dean as he's pursuing Sam.



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