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In the Final Destination film series Death does not work alone, it has many servants that are willing to do its work for it. Death summons each premonition as a "See if you can stop me" sort of servant, but mostly its servants come in other physical, inanimate forms. These servants often make an appearance just before Death kills someone.

Types of Servants

  • The truck in Final Destination 2
  • The terminal destination signs in Final Destination
  • The oil barrels in Final Destination 2
  • The falling cable in the end of Final Destination
  • The train in Final Destination
  • The creepy old man in the elevator in Final Destination 2
  • The pigeons in Final Destination 2
  • The truck in Final Destination 4
  • The roller-coaster in Final Destination 3
  • The faulty race cars in Final Destination 4
  • Deliberate People (Sherry Pulaski; Peter Friedkin)


The servants are invisible most of the time, just appearing at the last minute when Death is about to take its next victim. They take many forms, as listed above. They often proceed a murder or foretell a murder. They can be anything, such as the faulty nails in the trapeze in the gym in Final Destination 4.


It was suspected William Bludworth the mortician was a servant of Death, since he confirmed he was not Death himself.

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