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The unnamed wife of Death is a minor character from Regular Show. She is Death's wife and Thomas' mother.


She has four arms and wears a black dress, accessorized with a gold, diamond-shaped pendant on gold pearls. Her maroon hair matched with red lipstick, is backcombed at the top of her head and flipped out at the ends. Black, moderately high heels complement her outfit. For dinner, she wore a black jacket.


She first appeared In "Dead at Eight", where she is fseen putting on earrings as she gets ready for her anniversary dinner with Death. Death introduces Mordecai and Rigby to her, though she has little doubts they can handle babysitting Thomas. She then leaves the house and gets into the car with her husband. When returning home she is angered by all the destruction, but when she finds her son asleep, she is proud of the boys, and thanks them for their hard work.

She then appears in "Terror Tales of the Park III" attending the Halloween party talking to Gary.

She appears again in "Play Date" arguing with Death about their date.

Her last appearance was in "Dumped at the Alter" attending Starla and Muscle Man's wedding on Starla's side.


  • Just like her husband, she has a Cockney accent.
  • She has a jewelry collection.
  • She has four arms, which may be a reference to Kali, the Hindu goddess of time and death.
  • Her name remains unknown.


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