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Dante, your fate is decided: everlasting damnation for your sins.
~ Death to Dante

Death is the secondary antagonist of the video game Dante's Inferno.

He’s the guardian of all of the souls in Hell, tasked with the purpose of harvesting and watching over them, serving as the first boss of the game.

He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker and Richard Moll in English and Naomi Kusumi in Japanese.


Since the beginning of time, Death had been tasked with ferrying the Souls of those that died and bring them to their place in the Afterlife.

After Dante Alighieri was stabbed in the back by an assassin at Acre harbor, time stopped and Death appeared before him. Death tells Dante that he would suffer eternal damnation for his Sins. He demanded that Dante come with him to Hell, but the crusader refused to accept his fate.

Death drew him into a void between the mortal world and the Spiritual world, and there the two battled. Despite the Grim Reaper almost succeeding in winning, and sending Dante to Hell, Dante managed to take his scythe.

Despite Death begging Dante to spare him, Dante finish him off with Death's scythe. Afterwards, Dante kept Death's scythe and used it in his travels back to Florence, and more importantly, his journey through Hell.

Powers and Abilities

Death has great spiritual powers and is able to freeze time, bring souls to their place in the afterlife, and teleport. In combat, his main weapon is his scythe, which he can attack with in various ways.



  • According to Death, no one (including Dante) can cheat him, thus they continues to die anyway, meaning Death was right. This might be the fact that Dante did not destroy him as he simply weakened Death.
  • He has never made any appearance in Dante's Divine Comedy, despite it being about the Realms of the Afterlife.

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