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Death a.k.a. The Shadow, as it is referred to by The Disciples, is the leader of all Demonata. It is the natural force of Death with a conciousness, making it extremely deadly.

The Demonata Edit

Demon Apocalypse

Lord Loss and Nadia Moore served Death to achieve his goal.

Death's Shadow

The Shadow's identiy was revealed in the end of the chapter. It also brought back the dead in the form of zombies.

Wolf Island

Grubbs, Beranabus, and Kernel have been torturing other demons about the identiy of The Shadow.

Dark Calling

Raz Warlo reveals to Kernel. Death was created when Bec cheated death in Bec (book). It worked in secrecy for hundreds of years, before revealing itself to numerous demon masters, including Lord Loss. It overpowered them and became the leader of all Demonata. Because of its power, it promised all demons that they would have eternal life.

Hell's Heroes

Death's physical form is destroyed in Hell's Heroes when the Kah-Gash turns back time to recreate a safer Universe.

In the same book, Grubbs, Bec and Kernel recreate the universe, except in the restarted universe, Bec never cheated death, and therefore Death never developed a consciousness.

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