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There will be murder on a scale never before seen. I will feed and become the strongest creature on this Earth. So do it, finish it. It'll be fun.
~ Death revealing his goal to Saint Germain.

Death is one of the two overarching antagonists (alongside the Bishop) of Netflix's animated adaptation of Castlevania, serving as the main antagonist of the fourth and final season. He is based off of the character of the same name from the video games.

He is an ancient elemental spirit from the dawn of life on Earth, that feeds on the death of all living creatures. Dissatisfied with the frequency of death in the world, Death was delighted when Count Dracula enacted his genocidal campaign against all of humanity. Enraged by his premature defeat, Death sought to resurrect Dracula so he may continue to feed from his carnage.

He is voiced by Malcom McDowell as Varney and his true self, who also portrayed Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange, and Christine Adams as the female Alchemist.


In contrast to his original video game incarnation, Death in this series is not the actual Grim Reaper but rather an elemental spirit. However, while he is not the real Grim Reaper he did inspire the mythology, as ancient humanity did not understand what they were looking at when they saw his true appearance. He merely took a liking to the name and took it and the associated mythos for himself.

Not only does he get fed whenever a life ends, the more he feeds the more powerful he becomes. The eons have made Death powerful enough to control the Infinite Corridor, a gateway between dimensions. Despite this, as a spirit Death's ability to act on Earth is limited and needs to use others to further his goals. For example, he cannot reach into Hell to pluck Dracula and Lisa's souls himself since only human hands can do so, so he has to manipulate Saint Germain and Dracula's remaining followers to do so for him.


In the guise of Varney, Death has long, unkempt black hair and wears a disheveled wide-collared trenchcoat and fingerless gloves. As the female Alchemist he has dark skin, glowing blue tattoos and wears a hooded, sleeveless robe and a silver necklace and earrings.

His true appearance is a large, skeletal creature with grey muscles still on his upper arms, torso and hands. His skull-like head has bony spikes pointing upwards, forming a crown of sorts and his lower ribs form a circle that reaches far above above his head like a mockery of an angelic halo.

He only wears a few pieces of purple cloth over his shoulders and his lower half that resembles a cloak. Once his plan was foiled, Death absorbed the energy from the key he gave to Saint Germain and grew to colossal size, creating a massive scythe adorned with skulls to wield in battle against Belmont.

Powers And Abilities

Death is extremely powerful, arguably on par with Count Dracula himself, and possibly even mightier in the final showdown. He has full control over the Infinite Corridor and where it leads and can enter it at will. He can summon and control spirits, conjuring a nigh impenetrable Spirit Barrier. Finally, he can assume any aspect he wants.

Having fed from Dracula's rampage, he can manifest on the Earthly Plane, though his powers remain limited. Drawing powers from the death he spread and the Spirit Realm in the climax, he grows huge enough to dwarf the towers of the Castlevania, and strong enough to cause explosions when striking his palm on the ground or to slice stone buildings with his scythe. He shrugs off all of Trevor Belmonts attacks, being only felled by a divine artefact.


Death is immensely intelligent, cunning and manipulative. Using several seemingly unrelated and unassuming aliases, he hid his true nature from everyone to use them without rising suspicion, using Saint Germain's love for his lost partner against him, only revealing himself when his plan reached its final, seemingly unstoppable, stage.

He cares only about orchestrating as many demises as possible, being strongly frustrated their low frequency but delighted by Dracula's genocide. He seeks nothing less than the eradication of all life, both to finally satiate his hunger and more importantly to break free from all restrains and become totally all-powerful.

Death is aloof and imposing, displaying poise and cold assurance at first, and remaining in control even when violently lashing out at the heroes for thwarting his plan. Contrary to his formal, respectful demeanour in the games, he is awfully self-centered, scornful, petty and incredibly rude, showing a complete lack of respect for everyone. He fakes all politeness while threatening people into submission in the same breath, frequently boasting about his own importance and power, while his frequent swearing is only rivalled by Trevor Belmont.

As far as he's concerned, one is either something to be murdered for nourishment and power or manipulated into killing for him. He deliberately attempted to resurrect Dracula and his wife in a single body, knowing the experience would drive them mad and turn them into his perfect killing machine. When Trevor Belmont foils his plan and annoys Death with his attacks, he declares that he will kill Trevor's girlfriend Sypha Belnades once he's finished him just to spite him.



Death is as old as the world and life itself, and likes to pose as the actual god of death, like his game counterpart, despite not being the real deal. Over a hundred years before the start of the story, he assumed the aspect of the Vampire Lord Varney and joined Dracula’s court. He may have influenced Dracula’s ruthless tendencies and the Bishop's fanaticism to start the conflict of the series.

Season Four

Death's two fake identities, Varney and the Alchemist

Death's presence in the story is first alluded to in the first episode Murder Wakes It Up. After the destruction of Lindenfeld due to the actions of the Visitor and Prior Sala, Trevor Belmont and his companion and lover Sypha Belnades traveled through Wallachia to hunt the monsters left behind after Dracula's death.

They discover that several vampires, humans and monsters are separately attempting to resurrect him, one of these being a group of human cultists in the midst of sacrificing innocent children.

Killing the cultists before they could go through with it, Trevor and Sypha figure out that their plan was to offer the children's souls to Death in hopes that he may give Dracula back to them. Trevor notes that while Death is certainly lethal, he is not actually capable of doing so.

They track the cultists back to the ruined city of Targoviste, the place where Dracula's wife Lisa Tepes was murdered by the Bishop and where he began his genocidal war against humanity. Some survivors still remain, though vampires and monsters still roam the city. In the guise of the vampire Varney, Death watches Trevor and Sypha alongside his Slavic vampire companion Ratko from atop a tower. He complains to Ratko that he was sent here by Dracula at the beginning of the war and how everyone is making things so difficult for him, much to Ratko's annoyance.

Varney and Ratko prepared an ambush inside of a barn and watch the duo fight against their night creatures from the roof. Since the trap was initially meant for a group of remaining knights, Varney complains that the two showed up again to ruin it. While Ratko commends their fighting prowess, Varney just considers them annoying. When the knights finally arrive and manage to help kill the night creatures, Varney and Ratko decide it is best to retreat.

In order to complete his plan of resurrecting Dracula involving the undead Count's infamous magical Castle, Death needs the help of a living human. He contacts Dracula's loyal follower Isaac via a magical mirror, but discovers to his surprise that Isaac is busy with his own plans. Varney attempts to convince Isaac to aid him, but he considers his own path more important and cuts Varney off. Varney complains about Isaac's lack of respect for him, to Ratko's continued annoyance, and declares that they do not need him.

As he convinces Saint Germain to help complete his plans by tricking him into believing he could reunite with his lover only revealing the truth as Dracula is about to be revived, though the process is interrupted as Trevor, Sypha and Alucard killed the intended body thus allowing both Dracula and Lisa to have new bodies of their own. Angered that his plans are foiled Death confronts Trevor. As Death taunts and beats Trevor who can't harm him with any weapon he had, eventually Death tries to kill Trevor with a massive wave of flame. Barely escaping Trevor finds an ancient and powerful magic dagger which he found prior to the fight. Finding the other pieces to which he attacks Death from behind. Given the unique and devastating power which is said to be a murder-suicide pact created by God for a last resort he is able to imbue it within Death's head killing him in a massive explosion though Saint Germain is able to save Trevor by opening the Infinite Corridor to teleport him to safety. With this Death's plans to become omnipotent at the expense of all life is permanently thwarted.


  • In contrast to his original video game incarnation, this version of Death holds no true loyalty towards Dracula and only sees him as a tool to further his own ends with, similarly to the necromancer Zobek from the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow continuity.
  • Death's disguise as Varney is a reference to Sir Francis Varney from the novel Varney the Vampire, also known as Feast of Blood, written by James Malcolm Rymer and Thomas Peckett Prest. Published between 1845 and 1847, the character predates Bram Stoker's Dracula and introduced many elements that would later be associated with vampires, such as their two long fangs and enhanced physical strength.
    • Varney's appearance in Season 4 calls to mind earlier designs for Count Dracula, as seen in games released before Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin.
  • Likewise, Death and Varney are voiced by Satoshi Tsuruoka in the Japanese version.
  • Death reveals himself and meets his end in the same episode of the series
  • Due to his ability to shapeshift and take different moral forms along with being cunning, manipulative and sadistic, it's possible Death may have orchestrated the entire series of events resulting in Lisa's death at the very beginning of the series, giving Dracula a reason to commit his genocide on humanity.
  • Although it is likely to be just a coincidence, Death's "crowned" head resembles of Melkor (and of his servant Sauron) from The Lord of the Rings.

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