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Six String Samurai Final Battle

Six String Samurai Final Battle

Death, also known as Top Hat was the main antagonist of the 1998 action/comedy Six-String Samurai. He was voiced by Lex Lang and physically portrayed by Stephane Gauger.


In 1958 The US was invaded by the Soviet Union, conquering most of the nation as well as getting most of the world destroyed in a nuclear war. In the wake of this disaster, Lost Vegas became the beacon of freedom, but when The King dies, every sword-Swinging Guitar-Playing opportunist was after the throne.

Enter Death, an enigmatic player of Death metal seeking the throne at all costs. Death lead a group of three archers (implied to share a mind and be his backup band) in his quest to clear the wasteland of his competition. 


Death was meant to represent Heavy Metal music and it's effect on classic rock. Death is also shown killing characters who are dressed like typical players of Western and Mariachi music.

Awesome Comics One Shot

20 years before the main storyline, Death confronted a young Buddy and his guardian while they were on their way to Lost Vegas to see Elvis perform. Taking Buddy hostage, Death demanded that the guardian give up his valued guitar. Tossing it aside the guardian attacked Death and the two engaged in a sword fight. Despite his best efforts, the guardian was overpowered by Death, who mocked him for being a shell of his former self and commenting on how he had been hunting the guardian for 15 years. Death then stated his desire to not only take the guitar, but also Buddy as his disciple who he would teach the ways of Heavy Metal to. With his final breath, the guardian dropped his sword. While gloating over his victory, Death failed to notice Buddy pick up his fallen guardian's sword, and was promptly stabbed in the back by Buddy.


1. The manner in which Death dies is very similar to the death of The Wicked Witch of the West in the 1939 film adaptation of The Wizard of Oz.

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