Death Adder is the name of two supervillains in the Marvel Comic universe.

Roland Burroughs

Roland Burroughs underwent surgery thanks to the Roxxon Oil company, giving him gills, claws, and a bionic tail, as well as certain other physiological changes. As a result of a mistake during the surgery to give him gills, Burroughs was rendered mute. He was also given a special costume and the alias Death Adder and joined the Serpent Squad along with Sidewinder, Anaconda, and Black Mamba. The Serpent Squad's first mission was to get the Serpent Crown, and once this mission was complete, the four of them became freelance mercenaries and criminals.

The Serpent Squad were later joined by a handful of other snake-themed villains and formed the highly organized team of criminals and mercenaries known as the Serpent Society. One of the Society's first missions was to kill the rogue AIM leader known as M.O.D.O.K.. Death Adder was instrumental in the assassination, his poison finishing off their target. One of the other members, Princess Python, showed cowardice and betrayed them on this mission, and after her memory was wiped, he was sent to return her to her former team, the Circus of Crime. While they were in transit, the Serpent Saucer Death Adder was flying malfunctioned and crashed into the South Bronx. Leaving Princess Python in the saucer, Death Adder went to get help. He hailed and hijacked a cab which, unfortunately for him, was driven by Scourge who promptly killed him with an explosive bullet.

After his death, Death Adder (or rather a facsimile thereof) was one of a number of villains temporarily resurrected by the alien Grandmaster to compete in battle against the Avengers (Earth-616) in a wager against Death. During the battle, Death Adder fought against the Avenger Tigra, and though he was mortally wounded by her claws, his tail struck her and poisoned her, killing her (before she was later resurrected along with any other Avengers who were killed).

More recently, Death Adder was one of many of Scourge's victims resurrected by the criminal the Hood to serve in his gang.

Time later, he joined Crime-Master's Savage Six and was killed by Venom.

Theodore Scott

Originally seen alongside the Thunderbolts army during the superhuman Civil War, this Death Adder has also been seen alongside a new incarnation of the Serpent Society.

Television History

Death Adder appears in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes episodes "Ultron-5", "Along Came a Spider...", and "Yellowjacket", as a member of the Serpent Society and never speaks.



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