Deathrem is a member of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Empera Army and a major antagonist in Ultraman Mebius



Deathrem and Grozam were both members of the Empera Army who were selected by Alien Empera to be a part of the Four Heavenly Kings.

Ultraman Mebius

Deathrem was angered that Yapool got to be the first to confront Mebius until Mefilas told him to wait to see what Yapool would do first.

Deathrem left for Earth right after Yapool's defeat. He captured the Phoenix Nest to capture the GUYS members. Deathrem let George Ikaruga escape to tell Mebius to surrender himself to be destroyed in exchange for Crew GUYS' lives.

Deathrem then began attacking a city. Mebius arrived, but he couldn’t attack him. Deathrem used this to convince the people that Mebius would rather protect GUYS than the civilians.

Caught in a conundrum, Mebius began to doubt himself. Leaving the rookie warrior on his own, Deathrem returned to the last three Heavenly Kings to gloat. Deathrem soon returned once again to finish off Ultraman Mebius.

However, the GUYS team trapped in the containment field figured out how to communicate from there and told Mebius to protect the people and forget about them. Hearing them, Ultraman Mebius attacked Deathrem. The Heavenly King furiously attempted to destroy the Phoenix Nest but Ultraman Jack appeared to protect it.

Deathrem was then destroyed by the Mebium Burst and Jack’s Specium Ray.

Ghost Reverse

Deathrem was revived alongside the other Heavenly Kings and began plotting with them to revive Alien Empera. They lured Mebius, Ace, and Taro into the Monster Graveyard after capturing Hikari. When Mebius finally arrived, Hikari told him he had joined the Four Kings.

The Four Heavenly Kings then ordered Mebius to retrieve the Giga Battle Nizer or Ace and Taro would be killed. When Mebius returned, Hikari stole it from Mefilas and revealed he had only joined the Kings to rescue the other Ultra Brothers. A fight then broke out between the Ultra Brothers and Four Heavenly Kings where Deathrem attempted to attack Ultraman Taro. However, Taro was much stronger than the alien general and destroyed him with his Storium Ray.

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