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Villain Overview

You should be terrified. But instead, you've been played by that charlatan, Dick Grayson, who gives costumes to foolish kids, making them believe that they're heroes. Leading you, like lambs to slaughter. But not to worry, soon you'll learn. For death leads to purification.
~ Deathstroke to Jason Todd
You never learn, do you? Always the hero. But you're not gonna dictate how this will go. You're not a martyr. You're a con man. Preying on those weak enough to follow you. The problem with con men is that they never know when to stop. And someone else always pays.
~ Deathstroke to Dick Grayson

Slade J. Wilson, also better known as Deathstroke, is one of the two main antagonists (along with Mercy Graves) of the second season of the DC Universe original series Titans, and later as a posthumous antagonist in the third season.

Slade was a former Delta Force Commando and H.I.V.E. member that underwent a series of bio-enhancement experiments to become a super-soldier. Sometime later, he became an enemy of the Titans and was responsible for their disbanding, until they returned. Slade is also the father of Jericho and Rose Wilson.

He is portrayed by Esai Morales, who also played Amancio Malvado in From Dusk Till Dawn, Paco Moreno in Bad Boys, and Camino Del Rio in Ozark.


Early life

During his days in the Army, Slade had become a Major and was even a commando in the Delta Force. Afterward, he became a member of other agencies like H.I.V.E., A.R.G.U.S., and N.E.X.I.S. During his time at H.I.V.E., he underwent a series of experimental bio-enhancements that granted him with metahuman abilities. He also married a woman named Adeline and went on to have a son named Jericho, who both began to inherit his metahuman abilities. Sometime after he left the army, Slade went into business with his friend Wintergreen by becoming a mercenary and assassin, known as "Deathstroke", and Slade also gave Jericho his wristband so that he would always remember him and love him.

Slade was hardly ever and nearly never home as he told Jericho that he was an insurance agent in risk assessment, but his wife knew the truth and despised it. One day, when Slade came home from came from a job, Jericho and Adeline were attacked and held hostage by enemies of Slade who wanted to know about a buyer from "The Brussels Situation". Even though Slade was able to kill his opponents, Jericho's throat was slashed as a result and began communicating via American Sign Language and lip-reading.

After the incident, Slade felt bad and decided to leave his home and have Adeline and Jericho go into hiding.

During his time away, Slade had a one-night in Kansas City stand with a woman named Mei who eventually became pregnant with his daughter, Rose Wilson. Slade decided to let Mei raise her Rose with her husband, Gary, and to have no contact with her. However, he made sure she was well cared for, paying for her house, bills, and even her mother and stepfather Gary's membership at a country club. As Rose grew older, she began realizing her accelerated healing, which prevented her from being hurt. After confronting her mother about her biological father, she began to track him down, and when did she found him, Slade was unfortunately very dismissive and told her that she shouldn't want to be around him and to go home.

Meeeting the Titans

Sometime later, Slade became a well-known assassin who was known for killing his targets easily and without remorse. Sometime around 2014, he took on an assignment to kill an operative named Jillian. As he was about to kill her at an airport, Garth, also known as Aqualad got in the way of his shot and Deathstroke wound up killing him instead. He later became enemies with Aqualad's friends, the Titans, and they vowed to hunt down for doing so. They later went to Slade and Wintergreen's mansion to find them both but they were gone.

Death of his son and Retirement

A few weeks later, Wintergreen had taken photos of Jericho being seen with the Titans suggesting that they may be using him for information, but Slade tells Wintergreen that Jericho knows nothing and that he needs to stay away from his son. Jericho then began to fall in with the Titans after discovering his metahuman abilities, as a result, Jericho found out about Slade's true activities as Deathstroke, which led to Jericho leaving Adeline and returning his Slade's wristband. Adeline then met with Slade telling him that they know who he is and that he needs to get Jericho back, so they can get on with their lives with Slade at a distant, to which Slade reluctantly agreed to. Slade had then sent Wintergreen to find Jericho and tell him that he wants to see him, so he could tell him the truth, which Jericho reluctantly agrees to. Afterwhich, Slade goes out as Deathstroke to finish his task by killing Jillian, but not before he takes her phone and texts Donna Troy to meet him at the art gallery.

When Donna arrives, Deathstroke and Donna begin to fight but begins to quickly overpower her by slashing her with his knife. After the fight ends and Donna is defeated, Slade holds her at knifepoint and gunpoint and demands that she stays away from his son, before leaving her nearly dead. Deathstroke then goes to 123 Lakeland to meet with his son, Jericho and tells him the truth about himself and everything, hoping that he can still be the father that Jericho always thought he was. During which, Dick Grayson arrived as Robin telling Jericho that Deathstroke killed again and he needs to be stopped, Deathstroke, full of hate and rage that the Titans used Jericho to get to him, tells Jericho to watch as he fights Grayson. When Deathstroke defeats Grayson and wounds him badly, Deathstroke prepares to deliver the final blow, until Jericho gets in the way of his sword and Deathstroke accidentally kills him.

After realizing what he's done, Slade takes off his mask and begs Jericho to hold on, but as a last-ditch to survive, Jericho uses his powers to possess Slade, before he dies with his body. After Jericho possesses him, Slade begins to feel him inside as Slade responds by saying, "Son"? After the fight, Slade escapes and decides to retire from his work and move to an isolated cabin in the woods.

End of Retirement and Titans Return

After five years of retirement, Slade was still living in his cabin in the middle of a forest with many weapons. He later went to a store to buy tea, until he saw a news report with Jason Todd on the news saying, “The Titans are back, Bitches.” After seeing the news report, he left the store distraught and silent. He later went to his old mansion in San Francisco where he was received by his assistant, Billy Wintergreen. They then entered a secure room where a mass amount of weapons and an advanced armored suit were being held, with Wintergreen wondering if they were back in business.

Even though Slade was initially dismissive of Rose, he had a change of heart and invited Rose to live with him. He gifted her a suit similar to his own Deathstroke uniform and trained her in combat. He eventually told her about her half-brother, Jericho and how he was preparing her to help him take down the people he saw as responsible for his death the Titans. Slade and Rose later went to San Quentin State Prison to break Arthur Light out and recruit him in his quest to take out the Titans. When he and Rose got to the prison, they killed many guards there, before releasing Light from his cell.

Slade had then tasked Rose to run away to San Francisco so she could go undercover and infiltrate the Titans so they could break them apart again. After Rose left for San Francisco, Slade had gouged her left eye out and making it appear as if he was trying to kill her so the Titans would protect her. Before taking Light back to his mansion, he carefully planned out their next move, waiting to learn about the newly-formed Titans before they make them all suffer. After Jason Todd as Robin caught by Dr. Light siphoning power in a San Francisco train tunnel, Deathstroke arrived and provided backup, kidnapping Jason from the scene.

He and Light then took Jason to a warehouse that they used as a temporary hideout. When Jason knocked out Light, he attempted to escape but was stopped by Slade who threatened him with his sword. Later, while Jason was blindfolded and tied to a chair with headphones on, Slade and Light watched the Titans on a hidden camera as they investigated the sewers. After Dick Grayson discovers the hidden camera and that Jason has a tracker in him, Light begins to panic, while Slade says this development is good. Dr. Light then accuses Slade of losing focus ever since Rose joined the Titans, even going as far as comparing him to them. After Light leaves deal with the Titans, Slade scans Jason and finds the tracker, and he then begins to cut it out of him. He then shoots Light in his truck while trying to leave and then ties him to a support beam and place's Jason's tracker in his bullet wound.

When the Titans find Light dead, Slade calls them on a burner phone he put on Light, while relentlessly beating on Jason. Slade tells them that if they want Jason back, they must hand over Rose or he will kill Jason and get her back himself. While Slade is sharpening his sword, Jason tells him that he is not afraid and his friends will come for, but Slade rebukes that statement by saying he should be afraid and that his death will hurt the Titans even more, including Dick Grayson. At a hotel, Slade finds that Dick Grayson had decided to give himself up to him so that Rose and his team could be spared. Slade then reveals to Dick that Jason is tied up to a scaffold rigged with explosives.

Before Slade can activate the explosives, Starfire intervenes and blasts him away. Dick and Starfire then proceed to fight Slade but Slade quickly overpowers them with his skills, his powers, and his weapons. As Starfire and Dick are defeated, Deathstroke activates the explosives and sends Jason falling from the hotel as Dick watches in horror, however, an unknown person named Conner catches Jason from falling to his death. After Jason was saved, Deathstroke left.

When Dick interrogated and knocked out Wintergreen, Slade called Wintergreen's cell phone knowing Dick would answer it. Slade then told Dick to go to 123 Lakeland saying that he may remember it. When Dick arrived at the location, he sees photos of his friends revealing that Slade left all those messages for the other Titans to find, while in the Tower. He left a bottle of bourbon for Hank, a bottle of orange soda for Donna, a photo of Ellis for Dawn, a record that Jericho owned for Jason and Rose, and crosses on the wall and the mirror for Rachel.

Titans Disbanding and Returning

After the Titans disbanded again, Dick Grayson went to the Wilson Residence to apologize to Adeline to get closure for what happened, she instead tells Dick to ask Slade. Dick Grayson goes into the next room and finds Slade in a chair, wounded after their last fight. Slade then tells Dick that Slade won and the Titans are over, and before Dick left, Slade tells him that if Dick ever puts the Titans back together again or if he ever talks to them, Slade will kill every last one of them. Dick then just leaves and Slade watches as he does.

A few days later, Slade receives a call from his daughter, Rose, saying that she is done and wants out of his plan to end the Titans. Slade calmly asks her, "Is that so". She goes on to and says that there's nothing he can do to stop her. After she hangs up, Slade crushes a glass cup in his hand. A day later, Slade had called Rose after she told Jason Todd everything and said that the Titans are getting back together and he needs her back in San Francisco.

Inside his mind, Jericho still trying to break out of Slade's head, fails again. Slade reminds him that it's pointless and that jumped into him thinking that Slade would save him, but didn't. Slade then tells Jericho that the Titans are getting back together and Dick ignored his warning, saying that it's on him, but Jericho says that he's the one who joined them and forgave them when they used him. Slade then tells Jericho that once he hunts down the Titans, they can finally move on and be a father and son again, but Jericho refuses to accept that as he sees Slade only as a monster and he will get out and stop him. Meanwhile, outside Slade's head, Slade is struggling to keep Jericho in as he tries to kill him by stepping out into traffic but fails as Slade moves quickly.

After which, Slade and Wintergreen both return to San Francisco and talked about how the Titans are coming back with Wintergreen opening the back of a truck showing him weapons, stating that they will be ready to greet them.

Final Fight and Death

After suiting up and arming himself, Slade tracked down the Titans. He intercepted them while they were driving in a van, managing to destroy the engine, causing the vehicle to stop. Slade then opened fire on them with his assault rifle, though the van managed to protect them. However, one of the shots managed to wound Koriand'r. Suddenly, Dick Grayson appeared on the van, now suited up as Nightwing. Deathstroke aimed his assault rifle, but Nightwing disarmed him of it. Slade then drew his handgun, though was disarmed again. He then drew his sword and fought Nightwing, all the while, Dick tried to reach Jericho. While Nightwing was able to hold his own much better than before, even using his escrima sticks, Deathstroke revealed his sword could split into two swords, with Nightwing revealing his escrima sticks electrified function. They continued the fight, with Deathstroke being disarmed of one of his swords, though he managed to gain the upper hand and knocked down Nightwing. Before Deathstroke could strike Nightwing again, Rose interrupted, dressed in her Ravager outfit. Deathstroke, assuming Rose changed her mind, told Dick she was a mole the whole time. However, Rose proclaims that the Titans are her family, joining Nightwing's side and drawing her swords. Deathstroke fought both Nightwing and Rose at the same time, maintaining the upper hand, even disarming Nightwing of one of his electrified escrima sticks, using it against him. However, before he could land a killing blow against Nightwing, Rose distracted him, giving Nightwing the opportunity to use his other electrified escrima stick to stun him and allowing Rose to stab him with her sword. With Slade dying, Jericho was able to transfer his consciousness into Rose, as Slade falls to the ground.


Slade is strategic, careful, more of an individual when working a job. Slade also doesn't have much of a sense of humor and usually prefers to be very quiet, though he does tend to make snarky remarks to people. Slade doesn't seem to hesitate or feel any remorse after killing or torturing his targets. Slade also has an intense dislike for Dick Grayson for willingly and recklessly using and manipulating his son, Jericho, just to get to Slade. When it was revealed that Jason Todd had a tracker in him, Slade was unfazed and uncaring when he took out the tracker using a torturous method on Jason, despite it hurting him.

Slade also dislikes people who insult him, his family, and his plans; like when Arthur Light criticized him for his patience with killing Titans, which then got Light killed. Slade is also quite fearless, even when he has to fight Dick Grayson and Starfire, without even flinching. Slade is also very manipulative with his allies and enemies. Slade also shows no concern in the collateral damage and casualties that may occur when he is on the job. Slade does, however, have a little sense of honor when it comes to putting up a fair fight and generally promising/pleasing his clients and family members with communication, instead of fighting.

Slade has also shown that despite his dark qualities, he still has a soft spot for his family. At one point, Slade had truly loved his wife, son, and daughter saying that he would always come back to them no matter what and he often appears to check up on them sometimes. After accidentally killing Jericho, Slade had felt guilty and broken up by it as they had a good relationship, even after Jericho discovered the truth about him, and Slade had desired revenge against the Titans for being indirectly responsible for what happened to Jericho. It was also unclear what kind of relationship Slade and Rose had, but it was said that it was very distant and hostile. However, Slade was still willing to defend his daughter by killing Light after he said that she slowed him down. After Rose called him and says that she' done working with him, Slade was visibly upset that he pushed Rose away as he shattered a glass cup in his bare hand.

Power and Abilities


Enhanced Physiology: A result of undergoing the trials a super-soldier program, Slade developed a number of physiological enhancements.

  • Enhanced Strength: Slade possessed enhanced strength. This allowed him to break free from ropes around his hands, easily throw around fully grown adults with just one hand, and kick Dick Grayson through two wooden church pews. He was able to match his strength with the Tameriaian, Starfire. Slade's physical strength proved powerful enough to overcome a half-Amazon like Wonder Girl and allowed him to effortlessly crush a glass cup in his hand.
  • Enhanced Agility: Slade's agility was enhanced beyond the capabilities of any human. This was evidenced during his fight Donna Troy; when he was thrown into the air by the latter, he was able to twist in mid-air to successfully execute a landing on his feet.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Slade possessed enhanced reflexes. He was able to fight multiple combatants at once, intercepted Donna Troy's lasso around his forearm, and was able to dodge a shuriken thrown at him by Lillian which cut his bullet in half while in midair.
  • Enhanced Durability: Slade's body was far more resilient to physical trauma than a normal human. His impressive resilience allowed him to endure blows from Donna Troy and Kory Anders, individuals who match his physical strength, without sustaining any lasting or even incapacitating injuries.
  • Enhanced Senses: Slade's senses were enhanced to superhuman levels. This was shown when he could hear Dick Grayson's heartbeat and breathing in the church, despite the latter being hidden from plain sight.
  • Enhanced Healing: According to his data, it was possible that Slade could recover faster than a normal human. However, this healing factor did not allow him to fully recuperate from the damage to his eye or the injuries that resulted in his death.
  • Enhanced Intellect: Slade possessed enhanced brain functions as he can process information at a faster rate and quickly adapt to his situation. This was seen during his fight with Dick Grayson and Kory Anders, where he changed his tactics to suit the fighter and the circumstances. He was also able to discern that his son was a meta-human.


  • Master Martial Artist: Slade was a deadly and experienced hand to hand fighter. He personally trained his daughter, Rose Wilson, to fight. He was easily able to defeat and overpower Donna Troy and would've killed her if he wanted to. He fought and almost killed Dick Grayson as Robin during their first fight. He was able to easily defeat Jason Todd, a skilled fighter in his own right. He was able to fight Dick Grayson and Kory Anders at the same time, two highly skilled combatants in their own regard. During his third fight with Dick Grayson as Nightwing, his opponent had improved his skills and even managed to push him back, but Slade eventually gained upper hand. When Rose joined Nightwing, Slade was able to fight both of them at the same time. However, his daughter distracted him, which led to him getting stunned by Nightwing and then ultimately got stabbed by Rose.
    • Master Swordsman: Slade was an experienced and lethal swordsman. He trained his own daughter, Rose He was able to slaughter multiple security guards when he broke Dr. Light out of prison. He was able to fight Dick Grayson who used a metal bar as an improvised bo-staff, even managing to wound and disarm him. He was able to fight Donna Troy, who used her lasso to fight back, but he was eventually disarmed. He was able to fight Grayson as Nightwing, using his sword's split function to fight with dual blades, though he was disarmed of one and yet was able to overpower him.
    • Master Marksman: Slade was an exceptional sniper as he was able to assassinate multiple people from afar, using one shot each time; he once shot a lawyer through the back of the head and exiting out his eye. He was also able to kill Aqualad with one shot. He headshot Arthur Light from a distance while the latter was in a truck. He even incorporates his marksmanship skills in hand to hand combat, best demonstrated against Dick Grayson and Kory Anders.
    • Master Staff Wielder: Slade was experienced with using a bō staff in combat. This is seen during his first fight with Dick Grayson, a highly trained bō staff wielder in his own right. Where he managed to use his own bo staff to easily counter and swat away his attacks, allowing him to gain the upper hand and overpower him. This proved that Slade was far more skilled and experienced with the weapon than Dick was.
    • Master Knife Wielder/Thrower: Slade was deadly at using a knife in combat, preferring to hold it in a reverse grip and can switch hands to hold it even during a fight. This is seen during his fight with Donna Troy, where he severely wounded her and could have killed her if he hadn't chosen to spare her. He was even skilled a knife-throwing as seen during his third fight with Dick Grayson, where he threw his combat knife at him, though the latter managed to dodge it.
  • Master Tactician: Slade was a masterful planner. He created a plan to breakdown the Titans and take them out one by one, even setting a trap for Jason Todd in order to capture him. He used Jason's tracker to lead the Titans to the abandoned hideout with Arthur Light's body, in order to lure the Titans to where he held Jason, in exchange for Rose. He lured Dick to the church in order to get him away from Titans Tower so he could plant items and symbols in each of the Titans rooms to drive them apart.​​​​​​​
    • Master Manipulator: Slade is an expert manipulator who is skilled at getting others to do his bidding. He was able to convince Rose to join his side and infiltrate the Titans and later able to turn the team against one another by manipulating their past trauma.​​​​​​​
  • Master Assassin: Slade was renowned as an extremely efficient contract killer who is able to quickly and easily pull off assignments others wouldn't be able to and do so without any trace of his crimes leading back to him or his employers.
  • Stealth: Slade was able to maneuver without making any sound, being able to kill a grown man without making the slightest sound to be detected. He snuck around Titans tower and took photos of the Titans, without ever being noticed and he is also skilled at making sure no trace of his whereabouts is left behind.
  • Intimidation: When Jason Todd discovered Rose's identity as the daughter of Slade, he expressed fear, despite his confidence as a fighter. The original Titans were also easily intimidated by the return of Slade, despite having faced Trigon, an extremely powerful interdimensional demon. Arthur Light was frightened when Slade didn't laugh at his jokes while when Todd faced against Slade, he was easily frightened.
  • Indomitable Will: Slade has a strong force of will. He was able to resist Jerchio's possession of his mind and body. He also has a high pain tolerance as he was able to resist torture when captured by enemy forces.



  • Adeline - Ex-Wife
  • Jericho - Son, Accidental Victim, and Former Host
  • Rose Wilson/Ravager - Daughter and Killer


  • H.I.V.E.
  • United States Armed Forces
  • A.R.G.U.S.
  • N.E.X.I.S.
  • William Wintergreen - Close Friend and Associate
  • Mei - One-Night Stand and Mother of Daughter
  • Gary


  • Unnamed Prosecutor † - Victim
  • Two Unnamed Federal Witnesses † - Victims
  • Unnamed Assistant District Attorney † - Victim
  • Unnamed Federal Judge † - Victim
  • Jillian † - Former Target and Victim
  • Titans
    • Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing - Archenemy and Attempted Victim
    • Donna Troy/Wonder Girl - Attempted Victim
    • Kory Anders/Starfire - Attempted Victim
    • Hank Hall/Hawk
    • Dawn Ganger/Dove - Attempted Victim
    • Garth/Aqualad † - Victim
    • Gar Logan
  • Dr. Arthur Light † - Former Subordinate and Victim
  • Jason Todd/Robin - Former Hostage and Attempted Victim
  • Rachel Roth/Raven - Attempted Victim


We put them in crisis, see how they operate. Who commands, who follows. We cull the herd. isolate the weak, the rest come to us.
~ Slade planning with Dr. Light against the Titans
Slade: I'm glad we see eye to eye on this matter.

Dr. Light: Well given that you only have one, we f***in better, right? Hehehehe... tha-that was a joke I-I was...

Slade: I see that.

Dr. Light: Ahehehe! Okay, I get what you did there, "I see that", okay, I like that. Heehe! Okay.

Slade: Let's see how much these Titans like being back together.

~ Slade and Dr. Light
Leaving so soon?
~ Deathstroke preventing Jason's escape attempt
Dr. Light: Why are you sitting there, like a d**n statue?! When our whole f***in plan is going up in smoke?!

Deathstroke: This is good.

Dr. Light Oh, yeah, good? What exactly is good about, four months of planning going down the f***in drain?! When you broke me out, you told me you would kill these b******s, as long as I herded them to San Francisco and now you just let our best chance of killing these masks slip through our fingers, and for what?!

Deathstroke: For a reason, you may not be capable of understanding.

Dr. Light: You know, ever since you found out, that your daughter is running with the Titans, you're losing focus. I'm beginning to wonder just how different you are from them, this ridiculous costume, swinging your sword around, nothing gets done.

Deathstroke: If you are looking for a result, I'm happy to provide you with one.

~ Dr. Light and Deathstroke's partnership falls apart
It is you they are looking for. But it is he they shall find.
~ Deathstroke cutting out Jason's tracker and planning to headshot Dr. Light with it.
Slade Wilson: I can hear your heartbeat. I can hear your breathing. I knew you were coming before the thought entered your head.
~ Deathstroke sensing Robin
Slade Wilson: Don't blame yourself, son. The Titans act like heroes, but they're hypocrites. They used you.
~ Deathstroke to Jerchio
Slade Wilson: I can see right through you. You wear the pretty costume, say all the right things... but I can see what's underneath the mask. I can see your lies... the manipulation. Using a son's love for his father to complete your mission.

Robin: You kill my friends, you murder the innocent. You're a monster.

Slade Wilson: As are you. Only of a different breed. In the pantheon of sins, murder is far more honorable than betrayal. Watch closely, son. This is what happens to Titans.

~ Deathstroke and Robin before they fight in front of Jericho
So emotional. That's why you lack control. (...) There it is. You feel it don't you? Fear.
~ Deathstroke taunting Robin during their first fight
Slade Wilson: It's over. I won. You took my family and cast it into the sea forever. So I took away yours. You came here for forgiveness. To confess...

Dick Grayson: Not to you. You killed him. You're a murderer for hire. You kill without thinking, even your own son.

Slade Wilson: This isn't about me. You still haven't accepted your guilt. And so you must pay. I sentence you to live alone, Dick Grayson. Forever knowing that your Titans family lives and breathes somewhere out there in the world, but you can never be with them. Not until you've paid for your crime.

~ Slade and Dick Grayson
Grayson! You came here to pay your debt, but there's no forgiveness here. Our war is over. But if you ever put the Titans back together, even for a weekend... I will kill every last one of you.
~ Slade warning Dick Grayson
Slade Wilson: The Titans broke my family. So I'm gonna break theirs from the inside. It'll be surgical, and you'll be my scalpel.

Rose Wilson: You want me to kill them?

Slade Wilson: Just join them. Once you're inside, we'll turn them against each other, one by one.

~ Slade and Rose
Slade Wilson: Their leader, Dick Grayson, he's got a weakness for strays. Especially ones that need to be saved.

Rose Wilson: Saved from what?

Slade Wilson: From me? They're gonna find you and me fighting, and I'm gonna cut out your eye.

~ Slade explains his plan for Rose
Don't feel bad, it was never gonna work. You depend on others for your strength. I, depend on no one. You should have stayed away, now you're gonna die with your friends.
~ Deathstroke to Nightwing


  • In the comics, Slade Joseph Wilson, also known as Deathstroke the Terminator or just Deathstroke, is a supervillain and one of the world's deadliest assassins. Compared to Trigon, Slade isn't the Biggest and the Baddest but he is the most recurring villain of the series and serves as the Teen Titans' archenemy as well as Nightwing's.
  • Slade has a like for tea.
  • According to his profile, Slade weighs 175 pounds and has a height of 5’10”.
  • In a deleted scene, after his defeat from Rose, Slade was meant to wake up alive in a hospital.


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