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Deathurge is a Marvel comics super-villain as well as one of the infinite alternate-forms of the abstract entity known as Death - though Deathurge has closer ties to Oblivion and Maelstrom : in general Deathurge is meant to be a collector of souls, manifesting to individuals who seek death.. however the entity has shown itself to be less than fully neutral, since it has pursued individuals who no longer seek death.


Deathurge is a recurring villain who has had many encounters with heroes from across the Marvel universe - some of his more notable villainous acts have been trying to destroy the universe via a giant blackhole, while acting as a servant to Oblivion and Maelstrom.

Deathurge has recently become a more comedic villain due to interactions with Squirrel Girl, resulting in the omnipotent entity being trapped in the form of a squirrel - true to its nature as an aspect of death Deathurge would use its new guise to become the "death of squirrels" and thus has a rivalry of sorts with Squirrel Girl.


Deathurge is essentially an immortal, near-omnipotent entity due to being an aspect of death itself - the entity is also one of Death's more militant forms and as such often manifests weapons such as spears, axes, chains, bows and swords by which to deal the "final blow" to those it pursues.

Like most aspects of Death it can sense the imminent death of another (in its case it manifests to those who seek death) and will guide their spirit to an afterlife - unlike most aspects of Death this particular incarnation is not above violently pursuing others, even if they no longer seek to die.


  • Deathurge shares similarities to the Black Racer and the Black Flash from DC.
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