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Deathworms are some of the numerous enemies that exist in the Ark: Survival Evolved franchise.


The Deathworms like many of the other creatures that live on the Ark world known as Scorched Earth are based on fictional mythological creatures that never existed rather then prehistoric animals like most of the other Ark worlds have.

Deathworms are highly aggressive and hostile species the creation of these creatures was inspired by the legends of the Mongolian Death Worm. The Deathworms that live in the Ark worlds are not only inspired by the Mongolian Death Worm from stories but the Deathworms in the Ark universe share similarities to the Eunice Aphroditois/Bobbit Worm as well.

The Deathworms in Ark are untamable unlike most of the other creatures the survivors these creatures only exist by combining the stories of the Mongolian Death Worm and the Bobbit Worm to make these unique deadly creatures. Just like all the wild animals the survivors encounter the Deathworms exist in the Ark worlds to test the skills of the survivors as they try reaching their goals. The Deathworms are the apex predators of the deserts and will attack anything regardless of the size, strange and ferocity these giant worms devour almost everything in one bite.

Even though the Deathworms attack and destroy everything that they see just like all the other wild animals found in the Ark worlds the giant worms serve a purpose and help maintain a balance just like all creatures do in nature. The Deathworms are very territorial like all the other predators that inhabit the Ark worlds however unlike the other predatory creatures the Deathworms are still a mystery that Helena and the other survivors have been unable to figure out.