Debbie Kang is recurring character, in the Disney XD series Randy Cunningham: Ninth Grade Ninja although normally a good character (if a bit condescending) on one occasion she fell victim to the Sorcerer's evil magic and was turned into a monster.

She was voiced by Piper Curda.

Villainous History

In "Stanks Like Team Spirit" as the captain of the chess team, she was the first opponent agaist the opposing teams last opponent, however unknown to her the opponent was really a chess playing robot built for McFist. As such the robot defeated her, and went on to defeat the entire team. Overcome with grief and anguish at losing and failing the school, she was transformed into a monster and went on a rampage. Randy managed to keep her at bay using his elemental powers and she was returned to normal when Howard defeated the robot at a game of Chess.

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