My motive isn't as '90s as Mickey's. Mine is just good old-fashioned revenge. You killed my son.
~ Debbie Loomis to Sidney Prescott

Debra "Debbie" Loomis posed as a local reporter to seek revenge against those responsible for killing her son, Billy, and is the main antagonist of Scream 2.

Debbie revealed to Sidney Prescott that she orchestrated the second killing spree with Mickey Altieri.

She was portrayed by Laurie Metcalf.


Debbie abandoned Billy Loomis after her husband cheated on her with Maureen Prescott, Sidney's mother. In revenge, Billy and Stu killed Maureen, framed Cotton Weary and 1 year later attacked Sidney.

Debbie is stricken with grief after her son's death. She had a makeover and met Mickey Altieri on a killer website. He has agreed to copycat the original Woodsboro murders in exchange for guidance, tuition expenses and to become famous.


Scream 2

She poses as "Debbie Salt", a reporter who bothers Gale Weathers a lot. She killed Randy Meeks. In the final scene, she (supposedly) kills Mickey (she thought the trial idea wasn't going to work) and fights with Sidney. Right when Sidney is about to be killed, Cotton intervenes. While she holds her hostage, she tries to convince Cotton that Sidney needs to die, for she wrongly accused Cotton who had to spend 1 year in jail. After Sidney said she will do the interview, Cotton shoots Debbie in the chest.

Afterwards, Sidney turns towards Debbie's body and shoots her lethally in the head, exclaiming it was 'just in case'.


  1. Randy Meeks - Stabbed 4 times in chest, throat slit in news van


  • Debbie was described as "a flashy woman - all hair and teeth, thick sunglasses" in the original script. The character became more unassuming in the final version.
  • Evidence suggests she is the only Ghostface to have killed one person, being Randy.
  • Her cover story changed from being a Newsweek reporter to working for a local paper.
  • Her motives match that of Mrs. Voorhees' from the original Friday the 13th. Pamela Voorhees was mentioned by Ghostface in Scream, and Randy in Scream 2.
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