My motive isn't as '90s as Mickey's. Mine is just good old-fashioned revenge. You killed my son.
~ Debbie Loomis to Sidney Prescott

Debra "Debbie" Loomis is the main antagonist of Scream 2. She posed as a local reporter to seek revenge against those responsible for killing her son, Billy, and she is also the second archenemy of Sidney Prescott.

Debbie revealed to Sidney Prescott that she orchestrated the second killing spree with Mickey Altieri.

She was portrayed by Laurie Metcalf.


Debbie abandoned Billy Loomis after her husband cheated on her with Maureen Prescott, Sidney's mother. In revenge, Billy and Stu killed Maureen, framed Cotton Weary and 1 year later attacked Sidney, and he and Stu are ultimately defeated by Sidney and her friends.

Debbie is stricken with grief after she heard about her son's death. She became completely enraged and had a makeover and met Mickey Altieri on a killer website. He has agreed to copycat the original Woodsboro murders in exchange for guidance, tuition expenses and to become famous.


Scream 2

2 years later after the events of "Scream" A copycat killer murders a couple in a movie theatre during a premiere of "Stab". A movie based on Billy and Stu's murders, and Sidney became famous and was in College with Randy, her new boyfriend Derek and new friends Haile and Mickey. Debbie poses as "Debbie Salt", a reporter who bothers Gale Weathers a lot. She showed to be just a normal reporter who is a big fan of Gale's story on the Woodsboro killings, and later arrived at the crime scene of Cici's death, trying to talk to Gale again but refused to talk to her.

Later Gale did the Ghostface act on Randy, Gale and Dewey. As Randy tries to distract the killer by talking to Debbie on the phone while Dewey and Gale try to find the killer. Debbie tries to hurt Randy's feeling telling him that Sidney will never go out with him. But Randy twists her insults towards her and argues with Debbie as he insults her about how much of a pathetic loser momma's boy Billy was, saying that completely enraged Debbie as killed Randy Meeks, Debbie escapes and Randy's corpse was found by Dewey and Gale after that.

After Randy's death, Gale was more determined to stop the killer than doing a book about it, as Debbie tries to talk to Gale again, Gale tells her off.

Later after Haile and Derek were murdered by the revealed killer Mickey Altieri who became a killer for a fun and game of becoming just as famous as Billy, after a fight Mickey reveals his partner, who Sidney recognises her to be "Mrs. Loomis" Billy's mother who abandoned him after that incident with Maureen Presscott. She has Gale hostage pointing a gun at her after Gale tried to call the police after thinking Cotton Weary was the murderer.

Mickey reveals that she hired him to help him pay for his tuition fees in exchange for his killings, showing that Debbie is the cause of the second killing spree. But eventually Debbie betrays Mickey as he is no longer a use to her plans anymore as she shoots him, presumed dead as Mickey shoots Gale as she collapses to the bottom of the stage, presumed dead also.

As she and Sidney finally come face to face towards each other, with Debbie pointing gun at Sidney and tells Sidney that her killing spree wasn't all fun and games at all, it was all a plan to get revenge on Sidney for killing Billy and frame her for her and Mickey's crimes. As Sidney tells her she won't get away with it, Debbie foolishly begs to differ wiping off the fingerprints off one the guns, and asks Sidney any comments or comebacks if she's covered everything and Sidney insults her, telling Debbie that she is just as crazy and pathetic as Billy was, as she threats Sidney how it didn't go well for Randy when he insulted her about Billy.

As Sidney and Debbie argue, Sidney fights back, escaping backstage as she uses the stage props and controls to scare Debbie, as the stage crashes down on her. Then Debbie gets back up in pain and a fit of desprate rage trying to kill Sidney with a knife and just as Sidney sees the gun next her and tries to reach it, Debbie gets very desperate to kill Sidney, scared that Sidney will succeed and just then Cotton intervenes pointing a gun at both of them. While she holds her hostage, Debbie desprately tries to convince Cotton that Sidney needs to die, for she wrongly accused Cotton who had to spend 1 year in jail. Believed she had convinced Cotton to kill Sidney, but after Sidney said she will do the interview, Debbie's smile turns into a satisfying frown, knowing that Cotten knew she was lying and realising she's doomed as Cotton shoots Debbie in the chest, instantly killing her.

Afterwards, Cotton tells Sidney he'd never hurt her, as Gale is shown to be alive, Mickey pops up for one last scare as Sidney and Gale shoot him a dozen times, as Mickey is finally done for. Sidney then turns towards Debbie's body and shoots her lethally in the head, exclaiming it was 'just in case'. Putting an end to her pathetic life and second killing spree.


  1. Randy Meeks - Stabbed 4 times in chest, throat slit in news van


  • Debbie was described as "a flashy woman - all hair and teeth, thick sunglasses" in the original script. The character became more unassuming in the final version.
  • Evidence suggests she is the only Ghostface to have killed one person, being Randy.
  • Her cover story changed from being a Newsweek reporter to working for a local paper.
  • Her motives match that of Mrs. Voorhees' from the original Friday the 13th. Pamela Voorhees was mentioned by Ghostface in Scream, and Randy in Scream 2.
  • Debbie may have been smart enough to know how to cover her tracks for a brief second, but she was dumb enough to believe she can kill Sidney by herself after betraying Mickey and think that it was Sidney's fault for getting Cotton arrested in the first place, which was truly all Billy's fault for framing him.


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