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Debbie Pelt was a recurring Werelynx from True Blood and a recurring antagonist in the third and fourth seasons. She was the on and off girlfriend of Alcide Hearvuax, she often mistreated Alcide and would leave him for a V addicted idiot Werewolf named Cooter, the death of Cooter deeply affected the Junkie and she sought to kill Sookie only to be shot in the face, fleeing her home, she would return in the forth season to seemingly patched things with Alcide and also seemingly gotten over her addiction to V, she would even go as far as to help Sookie in her quest to save Eric, however her former ways caught up with her, and she became increasingly jealous of Sookie thinking she's taking Alcide away from her which is clearly not the case at all, by the end of the fourth season she would break into Sookie's Home attempting to shoot her, Only to Shoot Sookie's best friend Tara Thorton who jumped in the way of the bullet blowing off half of her head, killing her, Sookie immediately responded by attacking taking Debbie's gun away from her and despite Debbie's pleas and apologize, Sookie blew Debbie's head clearly off her shoulders.

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