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Debbie Webster is a fictional character of the British soap opera Coronation Street. She started off as a supporting protagonist from 1984 to 1985, then appeared as a minor character in 2019 before returning as an anti-hero turned major protagonist from 2020 to 2021 onwards.


During her first stint on the show in the eighties Debbie was not malicious character and was shown to be a studious and thoughtful girl. She got on well with her brother Kevin and Dad Bill but resented Bill's interference in her love life. Debbie was more supportive than Kevin when Bill decided to date another woman. When Bill chose to leave the area Debbie went with him, leaving Kevin behind. In the years that followed Debbie found success as a businesswoman though she became more ruthless as a result.


Many years after leaving the street, Debbie arrived to give Kevin and his son Jack money that she had inherited from a dead relative. She then returned to the street for good and got herself a job working at the Bistro restaurant.

As time went on, however, it was later revealed that Debbie is actually in cahoots with sleazy businessman Ray Crosby in his plan to monopolize Coronation Street and demolish all the properties in Weatherfield. They plan gradually comes to fruition after Debbie helps Ray defraud several residents, including local tenant David Platt, out of their homes. Their partnership seemed romantic and professional at first, but it nearly collapsed when Debbie learned that Ray had obtained Kevin's garage after blackmailing him.

Later on, Debbie gets invited by Kevin's ex-wife Sally and her husband Tim Metcalfe for a meal at their house. Their get-together becomes complicated when Tim's estranged father, Geoff Metcalfe, attempts to cause trouble for them - as Tim had disowned his father after learning that Geoff had been tormenting and abusing the latter's wife, Yasmeen, for months to the point where he threatened Sally, one of Yasmeen's closest friends, into staying out of their business. Debbie later confronted Geoff over his behavior, which only provoked Geoff into verbally lashing out at his own son and Sally in front of Tim's daughter Faye at the garden.

Towards Christmas 2020, Debbie continued to help Ray with his scheme and the pair resolved to target Kevin's girlfriend Abi Franklin - as she is Ray's sworn enemy and Debbie doesn't trust her being with Kevin due to Abi being a former drug addict. Debbie planted drugs in Abi's handbag in an attempt to turn Kevin against her. Soon enough, Ray set his plan in motion on the same day Yasmeen was exonerated for attempted murder and Geoff later died trying to kill her that night. These events took place just as Kevin eventually learns about Debbie's involvement in Ray's scheme, to which he responds by disowning her and kicking her out of his house.

The following day, Debbie and Ray find that local lawyer Adam Barlow has been attacked in the Bistro and call an ambulance for him. Debbie later attempts to get the residents back on side regarding Ray's scheme, but they reject her and Ray refuses to allow Debbie to give their enemies a chance of taking something from his scheme.

In 2021, Debbie and Ray are pleased when the chairwoman of a planning permission committee for the demolishment is approved despite the protests from opposition member Roy Cropper. Soon enough Debbie begins to question Ray's methods after growing annoyed with his arrogance, declaring that his habit of winding people up was partly the reason why their plan nearly scuppered in the first place. Ray attempts to dismiss Debbie's concerns and reassure her that he has everything under control, but that all changes when Debbie sees Ray pick up a phone from the chairwoman informing him about Roy's appeal for a judicial review based on the situation.

Shortly afterwards, Debbie demanded Ray to explain himself and is angry to realize that he bribed the chairwoman into agreeing to the planning permission for his plans - noting that Ray could face a lengthy prison sentence for bribery. Eventually, Debbie realized the truth about Ray after witnessing him getting arrested for attempting to rape Faye and later trying to kill Abi; Ray had been released without charge for Faye's ordeal and, after Abi caught him reveal his corrupt dealings, later attempted to murder her by drugging her in The Rovers Return Inn. When Debbie gets caught in the crossfire of Abi's fate, she insists on calling for help but Ray threatens to kill her if she does so.

In the end, Debbie attempts to help Ray despite his threats. Abi recuperates and is hospitalized whilst Ray goes on the run. Debbie decides to help Abi and Kevin get justice against Ray by revealing his illcit activities to the police. When Ray learns that Debbie plans to trick him into signing his businesses over to her, he swears revenge on her. Debbie is later confronted by Ray at the Bistro and is taken captive in a freezer. Kevin learns about this and attempts to rescue his sister by knocking Ray out, but Ray locks them in together. He later plans to implicate Debbie behind all his crimes when getting arrested for bribery. It then seemed as though Debbie and Kevin would freeze to death when Abi learns of their situation and rescues them. Then Faye's boyfriend and policeman, Craig Tinker, goes to arrest Ray for false imprisonment and attempted murder just before he can escape the country; both the Webster siblings recuperate and make amends once Ray has been jailed.

The follow-up of Ray's reign of villainy sees Debbie takeover all his businesses, and she cancels the monopoly to recoup her goodwill in Weatherfield - thereby sparking all those who have been affected by Ray's scheme. From then onwards she supports Kevin and Abi through their relationship, and even comforts Abi when her son Seb gets murdered by troublesome student Corey Brent and his gang in a hate crime; Corey also brutally attacks Seb's girlfriend Nina Lucas, before coercing both his friend Eli Higginson and fellow teenager Kelly Neelan into keeping quiet.

For the next few months, Debbie supports Abi and Nina in their hopes of getting justice for Seb by having Corey imprisoned for his crimes. At first Corey gets away with it after his father Stefan uses his wealth to bribe the courtroom in letting his son go free whereas Kelly is wrongfully convicted for the crime. Debbie then attempts to stop Abi from trying to kill Corey and support both Kevin and Jack instead. This apparently works when Abi eventually decides to move on by marrying Kevin, but later on everyone is happy to learn that new evidence has come to light regarding Seb's murder; Corey is ultimately arrested and jailed thanks to the help from Faye's brother Gary in the end.