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My cloak of invincibility-!
~ Doronbosu's final words before his initial demise and his final words he spoke prior to his death.

Debo Doronbosu is a thieving Debo Monster themed after both a raven and a bank vault, created to serve Sorrowful Knight Aigaron in order to deprive humans of their favorite things to make them sad. He's the main antagonist in episode 4 of 2013 TV series called Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger.

He was voiced by Tetsu Shiratori who previously voiced Yokubarido and later voiced Halbergoi, Dave Red, Envy Chiruda, a Surprise Box World and the Great Surprise Box World.


Doronbosu made his first appearance when Ian opens fire on him at the warehouse. Then the team showed up and joined the fight as well, but during the fight Doronbosu has gotten hold of Kyoryu Red he caused a trigger onto Kyoryu Black when Aigaron used the same grapple with Shiro.

However during their 2nd encounter Kyoryu Black had tried to use the Kentrospiker Zyudenchi with his Gaburevolver, but the resulting disastrously powerful recoil from the attempted attack left the Kyoryugers in disarray and Doronbosu used this opportunity to flee.

Doronbosu made his third appearance as he is about to steal a famous building. Thankfully Daigoo knocked the bird away so Aigaron summoned a couple of Zorima and attack the team. Now when Doronbosu grabbed hold of Daigo Ian successfully took the shot and knocked the bird further away from Daigo. Once the teams morpher are fully charged they transformed and battle the monsters. After that Doronbosu was then defeated by this finisher called Voltasaur Brave Finish.

However Luckyuro used her watering can as she sprinkled some water on the defeated Doronbosu to enlarge him prompting the team to bring out Kyoryuzin Western and battle him. After that he was thne destroyed by this finisher called Kyoryuzin Western, Brave Finish.

Later, Luckyuro and Aigaron's confusion as to which Debo Monster to recreate resulted in the creation of a hybrid of Debo Doronbosu and Debo Zaihon called Debo Zaihodoron.

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