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That's a wrap!
~ Debo Kantokku's final words before his death.

Debo Kantokku is a Debo Monster themed after cinematic props and armed with the Gachinko Kachinko clapperboard-themed ax, created to serve Candelilla. He's also the main antagonist in episode 40 of 2013 TV series called Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger.

He is voiced by Wataru Takagi who previously voiced a Bin Banki, Hidou of the Swift Runner, Nanonanoda, a Copyloid and later voiced a Vacuum Shadow, Gaburio and Garatt Nargo.


Debo Kantokku made his first appearance later that night when Candelilla used her disguise and fool the old man and stole his happiness. A while later he was at the mansion when he puts a disguise Luckyuro in order to fool Nobuharu into giving up his love for someone. After that the two monsters left the area before getting spotted by the remaining Kyoryuger.

Back outside Kantokku used his film and Candelilla acting skills in order to get the happiness from Nobuharu, but once he convinced her that he still has his friends his happiness wasn't stolen. As for Kantokku he got sneaked attack by the arrival of the Kyoryuger, so he used his powers of the film and sent to the team to a bunch of action packed movies starting with Dinosaur Detectives as they battle against the Zorimas. However during the mayhem of the action-packed film one of the Zorima got out a bazooka and opens fire on the team, but they dodge out of the way, but Nobuharu sacrificed himself to save Candelilla. With that said Kantokku retreats the scene as they board a car to make a getaway.

A while later Kantokku arrived when he shoved Nobuharu away when he asked Candelilla for help. So with that said he battles him while the Zorimas that he sent to battle Ramirez and a terrified Yuko. Once Nobuharu finally convinced Candelilla she told him where Kantokku has kept the humans which is in his chest. After that he'd transformed and ripped the case open as his teammates went into the case and got everyone out of it. Once they're safely out of it the team then joins Nobuharu as they battle the monsters in another movie called It's Getting Wild at Dinosaur Academy. After that he was then destroyed by this finisher called Nobuharu Heave-Ho Spiker.

Thankfully Lukyuro was nearby as she'd poured some water onto Kantokku to gigantify him prompting the team to bring out Gigant Kyoryuzin and battles him along with a pair of Giant Zorimas in this movie called The Great Monster Decisive Battle. After that he was then destroyed by this finisher called Super Voltasaur Charge, Gigant Full Blaster.

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