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What a one-sided game! Oh the humanity!
~ Final words before death

Debo Spokorn is Debo Monster themed after sports equipment, created to serve Dogold. He's also the main antagonist in episode 32 of 2013 TV series called Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger.

He is voiced by Takeshi Kusao who previously voiced Jishakuloid from 2012 TV series called Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.


Debo Spokorn made his first appearance at the stadium as they scare the civilians out of their to find the Stone of Futabain and he has some help from Dogold and Aigaron when the Kyoryuger showed up they refused to spill the beans of their plan. Sporkorn had noted how humans become stronger when they train, and to that end, the Debo Monster had personally trained 4 stronger than normal Zorima with his Sporkorn soul, allowing them to keep up with Sporkorn and pull off unbelievable coordination skills essential for sports (which we'll find out later on in this episode), allowing them to overwhelm the Kyoryugers with their basketball skills (that's number one on the sports). So when the Kyoryugers steal the ball with help from a reacting Futabain Zyudenchi, but they failed to activate the Victory Zyudenchi, and Sporkorn accused them of being cowards and that their Brave was not as great as Sporkorn's spirit.

For this, Kyoryu Red called for a fair 5-on-5 basketball match (much to the surprise of the others and the exasperation of Aigaron when Dogold allowed it to happen). After that they left the area so the Kyoryugers can do some training on their basketball skills and as for Spokorn his kind of training that he has for the Zorimas aren't related to any sports at all. By the end of the day the Zorimas has completed their training and they're about to play a game of basketball against the Kyoryuger tomorrow.

During the flashback that was spoken by Spokorn he was spying on the Kyoryuger training so he decided to train the Zorimas to a game of soccer instead (that's number two on the sports). So with that said he kept the team occupied while Dogold heads to the stadium and get that trophy. Thankfully the Kyoryugers had gotten stronger during the training, while Torin and Yayoi intercept Dogold when the Raging Knight tried to kill the manager of the stadium. After that Spokorn and his Zorima team were then bested in the sports match when the Kyoryugers continue using their basketball training, leaving their soccer-trained opponents in the dust, climaxing when Daigo slam-dunked Sporkorn into the goal net.

After that the team transformed (the shot knocked the monsters to the outside) and battles them as Torin handles Dogold. Kyoryu Gold took out the Zorima with his finisher called Thunderstorm Aftershock and the Cambrima were taken out by KyoryuViolet with this finisher called Voltasaur Brave Finish. Once they were taken care of Kyoryu Red assumed Carnival form and the core Kyoryugers successfully activated the Victory Zyudenchi allowing them to take out Sporkorn with a Zyuden Victory Finish.

With the plan failed Dogold dragged Luckyuro to the spot and pour some water onto Spokorn to enlarged him along with a couple of Zorimas as well prompting the team to bring out Pteraidenoh Western, Plezu-Oh Ankydon and Kyoryuzin in a game of baseball (which is the final sports of this episode). Once the minions are taken care of he used his own ability and overwhelm the robot with his sports equipment. The Zyuden Giant sent the sports equipment back onto Sporkorn, stunning him long enough for the Kyoryugers to form Bakuretsu Kyoryuzin and destroy him with this finisher called Voltasaur Cannon, Rocket Brave Finish.

Along with other Debo Monsters, Debo Spokorn was released from Deboss Hell when its seal was broken after Great Land Devil Gadoma's defeat. He joined with Debo Kibishydesu in opening the "Deboss Private Academy", with Debo Akkumoon as their student, whom both would train in fighting the Kyoryugers; while Kibishidesu would share his knowledge of their techniques, Spokorn tasked himself with training Akkumoon physically. While the rigor of their lessons made Akkumoon a better fighter, helped by the Osakimakkura pillow, all three were ultimately defeated for good by the Seven Zyuden Victory Maximum Finish, boosted by Kyoryu Silver's power, and by the Gigant Kyoryuzin's Super Zyuden All-Gigant Explosion.

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