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I can't take it-!
~ Debo Tairyon's final words before his death.

Debo Tairyon is a Debo Monster created by Hundred-Faced High Priest Chaos and themed after fishing. Debo Tairyon is armed with the Firmly Fishing Rod, which allows him to fish in the normally unfishable waters of Lake Mado, and the Seafood Heaping Harpoon for the offensive.

He was voiced by Kiyoyuki Yanada who previously voiced Amanojaku, a Locker Knight, a SamuraiDoll Org, Boss Tao Zant, an Evil Ninja Iga, Hades Beastman Beldan the Behemoth, Naga, Yogostein, Yogoshimacritein and later voiced Western Yokai Franken.


He is granted enhanced endurance to physical pain, allowing him to withstand a lot of punishment due to a fisherman needing endurance and willpower to catch. Though everyone (including his fellow Deboss comrades) assumed his mission is to retrieve the final Lost Stone from Lake Mado, Debo Tairyon's true goal was fishing up a piece of Great Land Devil Gadoma for Chaos. Once fulfilling his true mission and giving the item to Luckyuro, Debo Tairyon fights the Kyoryugers and Spirit Rangers before being defeated by the Kyoryugers' Victory-Maximum combo.

Once enlarged, Tairyon and two Cambrima attacked Bragigas as he tried to stand, but the giant Zyudenryu shrugged off the attempt, and lumbered forward after picking up the main Kyoryugers. Once given his and the Guardians' Zyudenchi, Bragigas used Allomerus and Archenolon's powers to take out the Cambrima before assuming his Zyuden Giant form, Gigant Bragi-Oh.

The sheer power of Gigant Bragi-Oh was too much for Tairyon to take, and was soon destroyed thanks to a vertical bifurcation from Gigant Bragi-Oh via a Super Zyuden Giga Brave Finish.


  • Debo Tairyon's name is derieved from "big catch", which incidentally, is featured on his right leg in a tattoo-like design choice.

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