Debo Tanabanta
Debo Tanabanta
is a vain and wily Debo Monster themed after Tanabata and armed with the Bamboo Forest Spear, created to serve Joyful Knight Candelilla by granting Tanabata wishes that are written on his special paperslips on July 7. However, once those wishes are granted, they will drain the joy energy out from the victims, and by the dawn of the 8th, all who had written on Tanabanta's slips of paper would die.

The only way that this would be reversed is if the bamboo tube that Tanabanta has on his chest that he uses to stash granted wish slips is destroyed, and he went to great lengths to avoid that happening, using his Bamboo Leaf Killing Method technique to avoid damage by making his body sway around the incoming attacks. Fortunately for the Deboss, all of the current Kyoryugers but Kyoryu Red had used Tananbata's slips, leaving the Fanged Brave all alone to fight Tananbata, Candelilla, and Luckyuro, giving Kyoryu Red a solid thrashing.

By the dawn of the 8th, as Tananbata skips in mirth of a successful mission, an unexpected figure arrives as a beaten yet determined Daigo finds the Debo Monster and throws a punch, sending a punishing energy fist to crash into Tananbata's face, leaving the Debo Monster wide open for Daigo to smash the bamboo tube, returning the stolen joy energy in time.

With the Kyoryugers all revitalized, the others regrouped with Daigo to see his reunitement with his father, then turned their attention to Debo Tanabanta. Enraged, he decided to use his own slips in an attempt to beat the Kyoryugers. However, he soon was inflicted with the same weakening that his victims had went through, and was soon defeated by Kyoryu Red wielding the Kentrospiker like a Gaburicaliber.

Once enlarged, the Kyoryugers immediately assembled Kyoryuzin Kung-Fu, smacking Tananbata around until two Giant Zorima trapped Kyoryuzin's arms, prompting the appearance of Pteragordon. Once freed, the Kyoryugers waste no time in destroying Tanabanta with a Kyoryuzin Kung-Fu Brave Finish.

In It's Here! Armed On Midsummer Festival!! Special DVD, he revives alongside Debo Tangosekku as the ghost Festival Brothers and possesses Nobuharu Udo before being destroyed by Kyoryu Red and Kyoryu Gold.


  • Height: 213 cm (53.3 m: giant)
  • Weight: 173 kg (432.5 t: giant)


  • Debo Tanabanta's name is derived from the Japanese holiday Tanabata.
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