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Debo Tangosekku is a Debo Monster themed after Children's Day and armed with the Kenka Ryōseiba also he is the main antagonist in episode 12 of the 2013 TV series called Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger.

He is voiced by voiced by Noriaki Sugiyama and is also voiced by Takahiro Yoshimizu who previously voiced Arms Smuggler Hammer, a Nunchuck Banki and later voiced Debo Tanabanta.


He is created during the sengoku era to serve Dogold by emitting the white Koi Fog from his Koinobori End-Space to kidnap young boys to his hidden village to make them violent to the point of being berserk.

In his koinobori form, he can emit the red Terrible Koi Fog that confine himself and an opponent permanently into a different dimensional space. Though defeated by the Kyoryugers, Debo Tangosekku is enlarged before being destroyed by Raiden Kyoryuzin.

In It's Here! Armed On Midsummer Festival!! Special DVD, he revives alongside Debo Tanabanta as the ghost Festival Brothers and possesses Nobuharu Udo before being destroyed by Kyoryu Red and Kyoryu Gold.

Debo Tangosekku returned 100 years later, along with fellow seasonal Debo Monsters Debo Yanasanta, Debo Vaacance, and Debo Akidamonne when Deboth Army has risen once again, sporting a new color scheme and the kanji for "Spring" on his chest and was renamed Debo Harudamonne, and was a member of the Attacking Group of the Four Seasons.


  • Debo Tangosekku's name is derived from the "Boy's Festival".

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