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Sizzle! Sizzling...
~ Debo Yakigonte's final words before his death.

Debo Yakigonte is a Debo Monster themed after a molding iron.

He was voiced by Kenta Miyake.


Debo Yakigonte was created to serve Dogold by using his Copy Iron Hands to make a Zorima assume the form of an opponent. In addition, he is armed with the Achichi Iron and the Handar Saber.

He had used his Copy Iron Hands to make the Kyoryugers turn on each other, but when Daigo came back from his little excursion, Debo Yakigonte tried the same-and-true tactics of enraging him (with the addition of kidnapping Ian), which backfired when Daigo took the fake-Ian's insults as constructive criticism, and, in a fit of exasperation revealed himself to the Kyoryugers, and after a short fight, Debo Yakigonte is defeated by the Kentrospiker.

Once enlarged, he turns a Giant Zorima into a copy of Dogold, and the both of them give Kyoryuzin a hard time. To give themselves breathing room, the Kyoryugers use the Ovirappo Beast Battery's power on Yakigonte and the Giant Zorima, allowing the Kyoryugers to form Kyoryuzin Macho, where they destroyed the Giant Zorima with a one-two hammer strike-drill attack, then destroyed Debo Yakigonte with the Kyoryuzin Macho Brave Finish.


  • Debo Yakigonte's powers and task make him similar to Dora Mirage from the 16th Super Sentai Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.

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