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My granddad was the kindest man in the world. He fed me good food at expensive restaurants. He was a Yakuza, but he was a Yakuza with Principles. People like my granddad, maybe you called them... A necessary evil. I'm told he only killed a handful of women and children. He'd buy me anything I wanted with the drug money. He was a true Tokyo-ite and a good man who eeeverybody loved.
~ Katana Devil perception of the Debt Collector.
Denji boy... Ya have our thanks. Obedient like a dog. Happy to work for cheap, treated like a dog too. Thing is though, I hate the stench of f***ing dogs. Us Yakuza, we wanted to get stronger to make more money, so we made a contract with a devil like you did. What we want was a devil's power.
~ The Debt Collector revealing his true intentions to dispose Denji.
And what I wanted was devil hunters death!
~ Zombie Devil expressing his true nature towards Denji before murdering him by cutting his body to pieces and dispose him.

The nameless Debt Collector, better known as The Zombie Devil, is a minor antagonist from  Chainsaw Man. He is a member of the Yakuza who uses Denji as a devil hunter in order to offload his debt due to his dead father unable to pay it, and is a scummy old man who sold his soul to the devil and betrayed Denji just to get what he wants.


The Unnamed Debt Collector appears as an old man that almost look like a detective, wearing an unbuttoned jacket with a white shirt tucked inside of it, a black pants, a boot and a glasses. He also supports a long white beard. After making a contract and becomes The Zombie Devil, he ended up becoming a rather Eldritch Abomination with a face protruding from his body instead of his head and a brain protruding in the upper parts of the body with him controlling all of the Yakuza as zombies.


The Debt Collector initially acts as a pragmatic boss towards Denji because he needed him to become a devil hunter to offload his debt. He is extremely ruthless on his job, having no hesitations to cut Denji to pieces if he is unable to pay off his debt and treating Denji like an obedient lap dog. As the manga progressed, it is shown that he held a huge contempt with lap dogs like Denji and shows his backstabbing nature by having one of his Yakuza members killing Denji.

After sacrificing his humanity and made a deal with the Zombie Devil that earned him his power, the debt collector also shares his personality by developing a contempt towards the Devil Hunters like Denji with his older personality being a greedy and power hungry person willingly to sacrifice others to gain more wealth still intact. In addition, the Zombie Devil also acts condescending and arrogant towards Denji, severely underestimating him due to his weak and frail body until Denji's pet, Pochita, becomes his heart.

Despite his seemingly negative personality, it is shown that he truly cares for his grandson, Katana Man, as it was revealed that he used to spoil him by giving what he wanted by inviting him to fancy restaurants or buying him anything that he wanted while also giving him a parting gift to fight against his enemies after his death: A large zombie army considered of people who were unable to pay his grandfather's debts. It is also stated by his grandson that his grandfather, despite his ruthlessness due to him killing a handful of woman and children, was revealed to be a Yakuza with true principles and a true Tokyo-ite that was loved by everybody and was one of the Necessary Evil that was needed by the society. In addition, because of his grandfather's determination to not running away from trouble, Katana Man also attempts to adopt this positive quality in order to face problems in his life.


In his childhood days, Denji's father died from an unknown circumstances. As a result, Denji was burdened by his father's debt as the debt collector threatens Denji to give him the money his father owed to him otherwise he will cut his body parts to pieces and sell it on the black market. Desperate to the point he almost trying to commit suicide, Denji then lets his pet chainsaw devil, Pochita, to bite his arm so that he could form a contract with Pochita and become a devil hunter for the debt collector in order to offload some of his father's debt. The debt was so severe that Denji has to sell his right eye and his kidneys to offload it even if it wasn't enough.

During one of the devil hunting sessions, the debt collector brought Denji to an abandoned warehouse and it was then revealed that the debt collector and his Yakuza accomplices made a pact with the Zombie Devil in order to gain more wealth and power and as a result, he has no hesitation to kill Denji by hacking his body to pieces with his newfound power and threw him into the trash bin due to him developing a huge hatred with the Devil Hunter in general after merging his personality with the Zombie Devil and enslave all of the Yakuza inside. Fortunately however, due to their strong bond, Pochita then made a pact with Denji and then becomes a powerful chainsaw devil in order to defeat the Zombie Demon and his slaves once and for all. Despite his death, it was shown that his death affected Katana Man deeply as he attempted to avenge his grandfather death while he was also given a large zombie army considered of people who were unable to pay the debts by his grandfather in order to fight against his enemies.

Although the Debt Collector himself is already dead, it was revealed that Makima resurrected the Zombie Devil in Chapter 90 as she zombifies her mind controlled slaves after Power was resurrected and decides to attack Makima in order to save Denji in his Chainsaw Man from trouble as a form of retaliation to fight against Power with Makima seemingly successful on subduing Power a little bit as she attempts to retrieve Chainsaw Man from her.


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