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The Decency Squad are one of the antagonists of the dystopian comedy/satire anime Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai or Shimoseka.


The Decency Squad was formed after the passing of a law intended to provide a "healthy" environment of Japanese youth to grow up in. What followed the prohibition of all forms of pornography, restricted access to contraception, and even the prohibition of crude language and "dirty jokes". Immediately, all internet porn on Japanese servers was deleted, and all physical copies of pornography destroyed. Draconian anti-sexual harassment and public nudity laws were also instituted. The creation of obscene material carries heavy prison sentences, and even obscene speech is punishable by fine. To further suppress youth sexuality, sexual education beyond vague generalization was eliminated from schools. In some particularly sheltered schools with the highest "morality rating", students have little to no understanding of human sexuality and reproduction.

The law is enforced using collars that analyze every word spoken by a person, and as well as bracelets which scan hand movements to detect the creation of obscene text or images. If the collars and bracelets, collectively known as PM devices detect obscene words or drawings, the Decency Squad will automatically be summoned.

The Decency Squad are a police unit dedicated to enforcing public morality laws, and are charged with arresting producers and dealers of obscene or pornographic material. They are also charged with destroying obscene material. The Decency squad are uniformed similarly to SWAT officers, with body armor and helmets, and armed with a nightsticks, as well as tasers for subduing criminals, and some seen in the opening of the series appear to carry shotguns. Some officers also carry flamethrowers and explosives for the destruction of obscene materials.


  • The Public Morality laws in Shimoseka are based off real-world restrictions on obscenity and anime, manga, and video games recently passed in Tokyo prefecture, which drew widespread criticism as overly Draconian and restricting freedom of expression.
  • The Decency Squad also resemble "morals police" found in various Islamic countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Iran.
  • The use of flamethrowers to destroy obscene materials is a reference to Ray Bradbury's dystopian novel, Fahrenheit 451.

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